Suangyee’s Birthday

Christmas eve was quiet in Glasgow. The university area was so silent, it was as if we owned the place. Since Alex’s housemate (also called Alex) didn’t go back to his country for Christmas, he invited us over for a Christmas eve dinner.

The German Alex

German pancakes

After dinner

Alex with his grapefruit

After dinner, we spent some time watching Transformers with Alex Tee’s huge screen monitor that he is always proud of. A couple minutes after 12am, Alex Tee asked me to go to the living room… and..

Tristyn’s, Boris’ and Nicholas’ surprise presence in the living hall with candles on an apple strudel as my birthday cake….

And I got a pretty silver bracelet and chocolate fudge from Edinburgh as my birthday presents…

A simple but warm and meaningful celebration…

Thanks my friends…

Time mess

It was dark when I went to bed and it was dark again when I woke up. I spent my day without knowing the date and time. Having breakfast at 4pm and dinner at midnight is fun.

It’s “cool” that my time is in a mess now.

To grow is to live

We often hear that people begin to not like birthdays as they grow older, unlike when they were kids and loved their birthdays. To grow is part of life, and some people dislike growing older because they might be so much more things in their life that are yet to be accomplished. If we could ever achieve things in life at a certain age then there is nothing to fear. It could be building a successful career, establishing good financial health, starting a family, earning friendship, gaining experience and increasing our knowledge. To age gracefully with meaning and purpose; it is then worth celebrating birthday.

Once, there was a career seminar in high school that was intended to help us choose the right path so we wouldn’t waste time. The speaker said that we should at least aim to obtain a pre-u level cert or diploma by 21. Well, I have gained my Diploma in Architecture Technology and on my way to obtain a degree in the next year. Guess I’m on track..

Suangyee’s prominent plan:

“ If I wish to get married by 27, then I should get a boyfriend by 24. I think that I will need at least 2 years dating relationship before deciding to give whole life commitment. And how if I dont get a strike and find the perfect one immediately, considering if the relationship might fail and I need time to find another one?
So… how many years left for me? Time flies…. OMG!!!”

It’s not so much the idea of getting married early, but more the the issue of raising kids.

I am not sure if I still think that way.

Anyway, I am content with my current status and don’t intend to find someone just because I want my prominent plan to work.


Going out for christmas dinner tonight…

The city is so dead now. All the shops are closed. Worse to worst, we’ll go back for maggi.


Glasgow Christmas Market

As Christmas is approaching, streets seem busier than usual. Working in the Christmas market has given me a closer perspective in which to experience the event. People walking with loads of bags can be seen everywhere; doing Christmas shopping, buying gifts….

Whilst in Malaysia, most people celebrate Christmas with major drinking and partying binges; Christmas in Europe is more a family event. Exchanging presents in Christmas is meaningful because the act of choosing presents makes us think about and consider for the people we care for. It’s time to look back at the moments that we had, to think if we’ve ever thought about what they like, what they thought, did and said. It is not so much about the materiality of the present, but the time and effort spent to show that we appreciate, care and love.

Christmas market

People getting their hot drinks

The stall I worked

The ‘pretty’ candies

Merry Christmas!!!

Temporary part time

“Next please…”

“Hi, what can I get for you?”
“With cheese?”

“Do you want onions on it?”
“With relish?”

“3.50 please…”

“Thank you.”

So this is how I spent my few past weekends.
My part time job…. Serving beef burgers and steak baguettes.
Some cooking and cleaning too.
And I’m now good in cutting onions and slicing rolls.
The stall I worked in Christmas market

Inside the booth…
Luckily there were stoves to keep me warm. Couldn’t imagine other people who worked in other stall that didn’t have all these equipment.
Andy, the person in charge
Teresa and I

The 15 yr old girl, Lana and I
The burgers with onions
I had shifts here too…. at the Christmas carnival.
I don’t know what is his name. He barely talked.
The place I did the serving…
Christmas market and Christmas carnival is over. Last day and I am now jobless AGAIN!!! Seriously damn sad even though I always felt reluctant go to work every weekend morning. Felt as if something is missing.
The things I observed at work…
1. Most old women prefer burnt onions.. really burnt.
2. Most kids don’t like onions. And they like either plain burger or plain cheese burger with KETCHUP.

And I began to enjoy the taste of onions.

Time to studio til d’ max……..