Glasgow Christmas Market

As Christmas is approaching, streets seem busier than usual. Working in the Christmas market has given me a closer perspective in which to experience the event. People walking with loads of bags can be seen everywhere; doing Christmas shopping, buying gifts….

Whilst in Malaysia, most people celebrate Christmas with major drinking and partying binges; Christmas in Europe is more a family event. Exchanging presents in Christmas is meaningful because the act of choosing presents makes us think about and consider for the people we care for. It’s time to look back at the moments that we had, to think if we’ve ever thought about what they like, what they thought, did and said. It is not so much about the materiality of the present, but the time and effort spent to show that we appreciate, care and love.

Christmas market

People getting their hot drinks

The stall I worked

The ‘pretty’ candies

Merry Christmas!!!

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