Suangyee’s Birthday

Christmas eve was quiet in Glasgow. The university area was so silent, it was as if we owned the place. Since Alex’s housemate (also called Alex) didn’t go back to his country for Christmas, he invited us over for a Christmas eve dinner.

The German Alex

German pancakes

After dinner

Alex with his grapefruit

After dinner, we spent some time watching Transformers with Alex Tee’s huge screen monitor that he is always proud of. A couple minutes after 12am, Alex Tee asked me to go to the living room… and..

Tristyn’s, Boris’ and Nicholas’ surprise presence in the living hall with candles on an apple strudel as my birthday cake….

And I got a pretty silver bracelet and chocolate fudge from Edinburgh as my birthday presents…

A simple but warm and meaningful celebration…

Thanks my friends…

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