Suangyee’s choice

I heart architecture.

I’ve never regretted choosing this course. I can still recall that during the day I submitted my registration form for college, my parents asked me if I was really sure about my choice. Even though it’s shorter than studying medicine, architecture is a really long course.

The second question they asked was:

“don’t you have any other choices?”

The answer is no. I’ve always wanted to be involved in design, building and construction since I was eight. I’ve always been fascinated by the pretty interior images. Also, it’s interesting how every pure element is combined with others to form a beautiful piece of work. Putting all these elements together is very exciting, as if solving a puzzle, particularly when the puzzle is resolved. The contentment felt is beyond description.

Truth be told, I originally wanted to be an interior designer. I changed my mind when I was 16 or so, when I realized it might be more interesting if I could play with the exterior of the building instead of merely the interior.

Another question people have always asked me is:

“when are you graduating?”

Actually, I’m not sure myself. To be a registered architect is a three part process, I have to pass all part I to part iii exams and it all takes about 6-7 years – I am now in “year 3”.

The structure goes like this:

1 year foundation
3 years for degree (part 1)
(I AM HERE!!! – 3rd year)
1 year out in practice
1 year for degree for honors
1 year for masters (part 2)
1 year work experience + examination (part 3)

= registered architect

Hence every year there is a possibility to continue studying, or to move on to a job. It all depends on that current situation and opportunity.

If I do not finish my part 3, it will not be because of losing interest in architecture. If that does really happen, it’d be because I’ve found another path which interests and offers more.

Stirling on the second last day of 2007

It was almost midnight -two hours after I was back in my room from the Edinburgh trip when Alex messaged to suggest on a trip to Stirling on the next day.

Stirling is well known for the significant Stirling Castle which is one of the largest and most important castles in Scotland.

The trip members….

Serenity in the early morning…

The spectacular view….

First destination…

Stirling castle is generally regarded as occupying a strategic location; sits atop the Castle Hill, a volcanic crag, and is surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs, making it easily defensible. (wikipedia)

Briefing session during the castle tour….

Castle surroundings…

The back of the castle…

Second main attraction…

Wallace Monument, which commemorates William Wallace, the 13th Scottish hero.

View from the hill…

Posing photos during the trip….

click for the enlarged

click for the enlarged


It is ridiculous to get fined (not once but few times) when the library is opposite the residence hall and takes less than 5 minutes walk out from my room!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what added to the illogicalness is the existence of INTERNET which I could renew my books through the web portal…. ISH!!!!!

£4.10 book fines in one semester…
What’s the hassle to renew the books promptly?

Good night / Good morning

Not insomnia… I can sleep and have the sweet dreams once I am on the bed…

I think I am having “assignment lag”. Had been studio-ing till dawn and now I can’t sleep at the proper time.

I really need to adjust my biological clock, but I go to bed at 6-7am and wake up at 2-3pm.

P.S.: Gor, I’m living at your time, but you were too busy to talk to me. Anyway, enjoy your vacation..

P.P.S: I missed Puisan’s morning breakfast and afternoon lunch offer… [my breakfast, lunch, dinner are just not at the right time]

P.P.P.S: I think the same thing happened to my fellow mates – sleeping at the wrong time, but it’s still normal for Alex to be awake at 6.30am.

By the way, it’s 8.00am… going to bed now..
And I’m feeling guilty for not sleeping..

Bar 91

What’s next after final presentation…..?

Supposedly, it was a farewell party for the students who will be going for the exchange programme. In spite of a nice atmosphere where everyone could interact with each other, the pub was cramped, crowded and noisy with bad booming sound system.

So, we spent our time…





The 5th final studio crit

Just done with final crit. I thought I would bounce into the bed and sleep to the max once I reached my room. But then, I watched drama, blogged, accompanied Puisan to studio gallery to see the students’ work again, went to Aldi for groceries and hanged out at puisan’s for dinner.

Whine whine and whine for having sleepless nights…

The year 3 studio presentation in Strathclyde is supposed to be held discreetly and privately (only between the presenter, assessors and peer crit). Without knowing it, in the beginning of assessment, I was lingering around the gallery, taking photos and figuring out the reasons for the gallery was empty and other classmates were hanging out at the lobby instead of listening to the reviews.

Then only I realised that I wasn’t allowed to be in there, not until my turn… No wonder the tutors looked at me one kind when I was trying to approach for a peek… ==”

Unlike the days back in Taylors, the studio final presentation here was held like an exam or interview which each individual or group strategy unit went in after another.

It was so not fun.. Didn’t get to “sam pat” others’ presentation…

Anyway, these are the photos of the gallery where everyone’s works were pinned up…..

the gallery

some students’ pinned up work

impressed… hand-drawn axono…


suangyee’s panel

p.s.: molex was preparing his presentation in lecture hall

Christmas birthday

While waiting for final presentation which gonna be an hour later……
i am blogging again after busy days and
sleepless nights..
(i blogged even though i was supposed to concentrate on studio)
So, I decided to revive one of the entries which was saved as draft…..

I know it’s a bit too late to post about Christmas, but memories remain…..

On 25th, all shops were closed and people were hardly seen on the streets (click here). Hmm.. perhaps one or two person was “detected” after walking for a distance. However, cheers to Tristyn for managed to get a restaurant which is opened on that day. So we had our dinner there….


i think the christmas tree matched my clothing or either way :P..

spicy nachos

me and my waffle ice-cream..

After dinner, on our way heading back to tris’ house, we had “PHOTO TIME.” Took quite a lot of portrait photos with glasgow setting as background. It was such a wonderful time to take night photos on empty streets; no obstacle from passer-by..

the christmas tree at george square

christmas night at tris’ place… with candles, cookies, wine, crackers, gifts and games…

i am d’ flora_gurl… 😛

christmas gifts from tris for everyone.. cheers again~~~

Christmas present from Tristyn…
–supposed to be jingle_gurl, but jingle belle… anyway, special thanks to tris.

fun through out the night

all the weird stuffs that happened….

Suangyee is sick

Yes, I am sick….

……mentally sick…….

I am so sick of getting stuck in the room for the whole day, doing studio (literally going online, photoshopping some random photos, surfing blogs and watching series).

I need fresh air~~~~!!!!!

Final crit will be on 16th/17th Jan. The last week to the presentation day is always the critical critical period. Well, but if compared to college time back in Malaysia, the panicking period always started one month before final crit. For now, I only began to panic a week before crit. Maybe because I have more time and concentration to studio due to the study environment. I really like this place especially when it takes less than 2 minutes for me to go to both architecture department and main library from my room. It saves so much of my time to travel around. Also because there are less distraction; no yam char and the cold weather which causes me so lazy to walk out. But mainly because Glasgow is also a beautiful place.

City council chamber

The arches

Few more days to holidays………… woo hoo!!!!

Can’t wait for it!!! Next holiday destination will be London, and my main purpose is to see the city and to reassure my choice to apply for my internship practice. I really think I need to see the place before sending out job application mails. Previously, I have asked few friends regarding what they think about London as a place to stay and work, and what I conclude is either the people like it or hate it.

Without doubt, I feel quite excited when think of my internship. But before that I should be focusing on my exchange programme. I think it is another challenge that I am going to face as I will be fitted into fourth year syllabus indeed I am just a year three student.

See… instead of focusing on my work, what am I doing now?!!!!