Suangyee is sick

Yes, I am sick….

……mentally sick…….

I am so sick of getting stuck in the room for the whole day, doing studio (literally going online, photoshopping some random photos, surfing blogs and watching series).

I need fresh air~~~~!!!!!

Final crit will be on 16th/17th Jan. The last week to the presentation day is always the critical critical period. Well, but if compared to college time back in Malaysia, the panicking period always started one month before final crit. For now, I only began to panic a week before crit. Maybe because I have more time and concentration to studio due to the study environment. I really like this place especially when it takes less than 2 minutes for me to go to both architecture department and main library from my room. It saves so much of my time to travel around. Also because there are less distraction; no yam char and the cold weather which causes me so lazy to walk out. But mainly because Glasgow is also a beautiful place.

City council chamber

The arches

Few more days to holidays………… woo hoo!!!!

Can’t wait for it!!! Next holiday destination will be London, and my main purpose is to see the city and to reassure my choice to apply for my internship practice. I really think I need to see the place before sending out job application mails. Previously, I have asked few friends regarding what they think about London as a place to stay and work, and what I conclude is either the people like it or hate it.

Without doubt, I feel quite excited when think of my internship. But before that I should be focusing on my exchange programme. I think it is another challenge that I am going to face as I will be fitted into fourth year syllabus indeed I am just a year three student.

See… instead of focusing on my work, what am I doing now?!!!!

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