Christmas birthday

While waiting for final presentation which gonna be an hour later……
i am blogging again after busy days and
sleepless nights..
(i blogged even though i was supposed to concentrate on studio)
So, I decided to revive one of the entries which was saved as draft…..

I know it’s a bit too late to post about Christmas, but memories remain…..

On 25th, all shops were closed and people were hardly seen on the streets (click here). Hmm.. perhaps one or two person was “detected” after walking for a distance. However, cheers to Tristyn for managed to get a restaurant which is opened on that day. So we had our dinner there….


i think the christmas tree matched my clothing or either way :P..

spicy nachos

me and my waffle ice-cream..

After dinner, on our way heading back to tris’ house, we had “PHOTO TIME.” Took quite a lot of portrait photos with glasgow setting as background. It was such a wonderful time to take night photos on empty streets; no obstacle from passer-by..

the christmas tree at george square

christmas night at tris’ place… with candles, cookies, wine, crackers, gifts and games…

i am d’ flora_gurl… 😛

christmas gifts from tris for everyone.. cheers again~~~

Christmas present from Tristyn…
–supposed to be jingle_gurl, but jingle belle… anyway, special thanks to tris.

fun through out the night

all the weird stuffs that happened….

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