The 5th final studio crit

Just done with final crit. I thought I would bounce into the bed and sleep to the max once I reached my room. But then, I watched drama, blogged, accompanied Puisan to studio gallery to see the students’ work again, went to Aldi for groceries and hanged out at puisan’s for dinner.

Whine whine and whine for having sleepless nights…

The year 3 studio presentation in Strathclyde is supposed to be held discreetly and privately (only between the presenter, assessors and peer crit). Without knowing it, in the beginning of assessment, I was lingering around the gallery, taking photos and figuring out the reasons for the gallery was empty and other classmates were hanging out at the lobby instead of listening to the reviews.

Then only I realised that I wasn’t allowed to be in there, not until my turn… No wonder the tutors looked at me one kind when I was trying to approach for a peek… ==”

Unlike the days back in Taylors, the studio final presentation here was held like an exam or interview which each individual or group strategy unit went in after another.

It was so not fun.. Didn’t get to “sam pat” others’ presentation…

Anyway, these are the photos of the gallery where everyone’s works were pinned up…..

the gallery

some students’ pinned up work

impressed… hand-drawn axono…


suangyee’s panel

p.s.: molex was preparing his presentation in lecture hall

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