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I heart architecture.

I’ve never regretted choosing this course. I can still recall that during the day I submitted my registration form for college, my parents asked me if I was really sure about my choice. Even though it’s shorter than studying medicine, architecture is a really long course.

The second question they asked was:

“don’t you have any other choices?”

The answer is no. I’ve always wanted to be involved in design, building and construction since I was eight. I’ve always been fascinated by the pretty interior images. Also, it’s interesting how every pure element is combined with others to form a beautiful piece of work. Putting all these elements together is very exciting, as if solving a puzzle, particularly when the puzzle is resolved. The contentment felt is beyond description.

Truth be told, I originally wanted to be an interior designer. I changed my mind when I was 16 or so, when I realized it might be more interesting if I could play with the exterior of the building instead of merely the interior.

Another question people have always asked me is:

“when are you graduating?”

Actually, I’m not sure myself. To be a registered architect is a three part process, I have to pass all part I to part iii exams and it all takes about 6-7 years – I am now in “year 3”.

The structure goes like this:

1 year foundation
3 years for degree (part 1)
(I AM HERE!!! – 3rd year)
1 year out in practice
1 year for degree for honors
1 year for masters (part 2)
1 year work experience + examination (part 3)

= registered architect

Hence every year there is a possibility to continue studying, or to move on to a job. It all depends on that current situation and opportunity.

If I do not finish my part 3, it will not be because of losing interest in architecture. If that does really happen, it’d be because I’ve found another path which interests and offers more.

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