Chinese New Year festivities

I was loaded with these questions before, during and after the Chinese New Year.

What happened in Glasgow during the Chinese New Year?

How did/are you celebrate(ing) Chinese New Year?
Eat!!! Eat!!! and Eat!!!

So, no “angpau” for you?
Yes, no “angpau”… mail it to me!!!
I have not even seen or touched a red packet this year.

Although there was no red packet, no firecracker and no lion dance, we still managed to create wonderful unforgettable Chinese New Year moments. Last year, I spent my Chinese New Year with my dad and sister in Shanghai and few cities in China –the outcome of a sudden decision from dad to make travel plans. Hence, it was a big distinction in the celebration atmosphere between the Boar and Rat year -from a place where was crowded by loads of Chinese with firecrackers blast and beautiful fireworks display to a place where I might not even realise the arrival of Chinese New Year.

Nonetheless, we had great and fantastic time.

Chinese New Year’s eve -reunion dinner

Look at the amount of food we had on the table. The reunion dinner was not just among us, but also the participation of few students from other countries. And we prepared the food on our own, no catering from Chinese restaurants.

First day of Chinese New Year – vegetarian steamboat

It was also the first steamboat I had in UK.

Second day of Chinese New Year -Another feast

Gambling, the typical Chinese tradition is certainly a must do. But, it was just card games, no money involved -couldn’t afford to gamble in pound.
Third day of Chinese New Year -the day that Tristyn and Nicholas were leaving to Portugal for the architecture workshop. Spent my dawn preparing three big dishes of fried rice and boiling the chinese herbal soup..

Family portrait -Friends, who are also the family when studying abroad

missing you, tris.

Fourth day of Chinese New Year -Sushi at Pei Ling’s new apartment. It was the efforts from Chef Peifun and Chef Puisan with the assistance of Peiling to make such beautiful sushis. And of course they were delicious too.

Fifth day of Chinese New Year -dinner as well as farewell at the Malaysian pharmacist students’ flat
Sixth day of Chinese New Year – which was also the last night in UK. Had “yeeshang” which was supposed to be on the seventh. Anyway, the time we “lou shang”-ed was Malaysia’s seventh due to the time zone difference. Therefore it is still counted..

It is still the Rat year. Therefore it is not an outdated post.

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  1. it is so funny,when i read this blog.are u a Malaysian,but u guys do like china new year(i come from Beijing). Red pocket-hehe. by the way “angpao”,what is this?did u mean “bianpao”?(firework?)

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