It happened at 1310…

I was uncertain in my directions.

I was unsure for my next activities.

I left home rather early in the morning to get the visa application brief from the university student service. The social worker directed me to another place which was almost at the edge of the city centre.

All errands were done by 1145 and after that I was totally clueless in deciding my next destination. For a moment, I lost my sense in making decisions, yet I did not want to go home. I was tempted to visit the library, shopping mall, art gallery and museum but they all seem to be far away from one another although the size of Ghent city centre is in small scale. There was a place I wanted to stay but it does not appear to be any more suitable.

The indecisive I ended in a household deco shop. Nonetheless, my mood changed immediately after I saw these…

And of course, I am now the owner.

I swear that I have really tried to resist the temptation from spending. I do not need them. But self indulgence is necessary to brighten up my day, especially in the gloomy, cloudy and cold weather.

I possess not only one, but three.

It is now placed on my desk, beside the mood light, near the clip light and next to my bed.

I am always fascinated with boxes. I remember telling someone that I do not mind getting just box as my birthday present, but make sure that it has to be a beautiful one.

And presents with attractive boxes tied with ribbons always earn more credits.

More boxes..

My name is engraved on the plate. It is my birthday box.

Sometimes I have the deep thought but this is how simple things can simply cheer me.
I am feeling delighted, happy and joyful again..

2 thoughts on “Boxes”

  1. Hi Suangyee,

    Thanks for visiting. 🙂

    Yeah, life direction can be a maze. But, don’t let it doubt your ability. What lies within us has the biggest impact to make a difference.

    Ganbatte ya! (^^)9

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