Easter snow

As a typical Malaysian, it is a must to blog when this happened..

I was in London yesterday and it was snowing there. Someone told me that if it snows in London, the weather must has gone crazy and it will be snowing everywhere in UK.

It is spring yet it snowed. I am now back in Ghent and it snowed here too, the heaviest since I was here. It was not about the excitement to see snow but to feel its subtleness. It will always be wonderful to go thru with someone special and I am not sure if I have found one; holding each other and walking together under it.

Our roof top terrace

It was not as bright as seen in the photo
-set with high ISO for photo without flash.

Mini snowman without its eyes and nose..

Anyway, the snow was not heavy and did not last long enough to settle on the ground..

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