International students dinner

We sat together around the table,
we tasted food from different countries,
we learned recipes from each another,
we shared stories and
we made jokes about our studio tutor…

It was the dinner among the Erasmus [exchange programme] students.

from the left [clockwise] – tomas (czech), annelien (belgium), krzysztof (poland), martyna (poland), flora/suangyee (malaysia), gloria (spain), alex (malaysia), peifun (malaysia), simon (poland), michal (poland), xevi (spain)
puisan –
not in the photo, photographer (malaysia)

and one of the jokes from the spanish:
“i think belgians are good in languages. they learn quite fast.”

“yah, because they don’t need to study much for their geography.”
-because belgium is a small country.

Can you see where Belgium is?

Continued party in the bar after dinner..

Crazy moments…

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