Suangyee’s friends’ love

I love what my friends have blogged about their opinions in response to my entry that I posted few days ago… love is art

Love, to me is likened to a Pandora’s box. We knew that within it lies the worst attributes beyond one could imagine, yet we seek to open it, for the sake of Hope.
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Love happens between two different sides. Love is not a feeling. Love is not from our heart. Love is just love.
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Love is; constant, variable, filtered and experienced. And I am truly lucky because I am a part of something bigger then me and I am blessed because I have been loved.
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Suangyee’s new space

It is a place where I hide, distant and isolate myself…

It is a place where I refresh and recharge myself…

It is getting more manageable and tidier when it gets smaller and smaller –from my room in Malaysia, then my room in Strathclyde students flat and now a small space which is part of the living room.

Anyhow, I love my new space -not sure if it’s considered as a room. It is as if staying in a huge camp.

Windy day

i was pondering in my living room.

and i saw how the views on the framed box changed.

it happens within a minute…

here it comes, and there it goes…

it was as if how i was feeling at that moment.

Suangyee’s misbehaviour

I skipped class…

…because I was feeling emotional.

I wasn’t feeling sad or pessimistic, but a moment to refine my jumbled thoughts. All the while, I have always tried not to let my works affected by emotions. If the successful leaders in the society or any corporations are also humans with emotions still able to lead and manage their jobs properly and responsibly, there should not be any reasons I cannot do it. I suppose that if in the future I am assigned with important tasks in my profession, I have to handle them without the influences of my mood swing.

Anyway, I still missed my classes today. I did not even attend studio class. But, my tutor was absent too. 😛

I spent my afternoon chatting online, going thru Malaysia’s after election news, reading random blogs and skyping. A quarter after four, I stepped out of my house and walked around the neighbourhood area.

Randomly took some photos of the neighbourhood..

the street i live in..

indian grocery store at the opposite..

stores and supermarket which take about 10 mins walk from my house..

carrefour is known as super Gb in belgium..

bicycle parking..

Now I suppose it’s time to go back to studio works after stoning, pondering and chilling the whole day..

Love is art

Sometimes I wonder what love is, even though I know that it is as indefinable as the size of the universe. Different cultures and places create love with different contexts, but always with the same content. It is God’s greatest creation, and there is still no one capable of defining what it is and how and why it exists.

Love can be beautiful and yet, ugly and destructive. In school I was taught that the heart is a muscular organ which pumps blood through blood vessels, but she didn’t talk about the ability of a heart to sense the sweetness and bitterness of love. What makes a heart capable of feeling pain, when a broken heart is not treated in the orthopedic wing of the hospital?

I see love as an art, used to appeal to and connect with human emotion. It is a bond of sensations.

People question. We crave for answers – not being accepted after making a lot of sacrifices. But how do we make love? How do we measure love – through its depth or richness? Love is not about how thoughtful the actions are, but the depth of affections.

My dear friends know the way I relate to the way lovers are connected. I have made this hypothesis some time ago. And this has always been the answer for my heart to unanswerable questions. Falling in love is like finding the correct key to a lock. It is not about innovation to make it good; it is always not about the material coated on it, but the shape it has to fit into, the void to fill.

A relationship without love and passion is dry. Nonetheless, I will not draw the conclusion that love is the main reason to commit but it is an essential one. Until a certain stage, commitment is also about what we pursue and what we are able to give. To commit in a relationship solely based on emotions is shaky. Therefore, I learn to compromise.

Another opinion is that perhaps love is like a dance, performed by a pair; likened to moving sculpture, it merges two souls into one. To understand love is to know the steps of the partner, and to care is to show grace in movement. And to tolerate is to create the rhythm from which the dance comes from. All are the components to make a beautiful piece of art.

People desire. We want a good-looking, rich and caring man; or a pretty, sophisticated and mature girl who cares, who tolerates and who understands. But how many of us hope for a relationship where we can love and care a lot and give our best? Wanting something from a relationship is human nature. Most perceive a relationship to be a box that contains gifts, but when we open it and find that we do not like the contents, we grumble and complain. Yet love should be an empty box – where both players contribute to and fill the box with all their ability.

People like to be loved. It is only human nature that most of us would hope not to, if we have fallen once, to fall again. Therefore we would rather be loved than to love. But failing once, twice or more is not sufficient reason to fear moving on. Where will true love be if everyone does not dare to trust and believe again?

Love happens when we believe in it…

We might get hurt in the end, but love anyway.

Dance as though no one is watching you,
Love as though you have never been hurt,
Sing as though no one can hear you,
Live as though heaven is on earth.

Last but not least, love ourselves before loving someone.

Ps. I wonder what my point of view about love will be in the next time I read this again.

Louvain-la-Neuve ii

Suangyee looks forward to every Wednesday because she takes “study visits to belgian architecture” as her elective subject and what she needs to do for this subject is to join the day-trips. For 10euro each week, she gets bus rides and lecturer’s tour guidance to different cities and towns for deeper views on urban designs. And during all these visits, she gets more architectural exposure to see more expressive examples of the new buildings and to the different applications of reutilisation of existing space and buildings.

The first two weeks trips were to Maastricht in Netherlands and Liege in Belgium..


A car free city centre is not a utopia. It exists.
Ok, she didn’t know about its existence.

And last week, she went to Louvain-la-Neuve, which is a planned city created with the purpose of hosting the Catholic University of Leuven. The city centre is built on a gigantic concrete slab with all the motorized traffic travelling underground. As a result, most of the ground level of the city centre is car free and the pedestrian area is still explanding even further from the city centre. Most buildings are built on the slab.

Moreover, this city is not only inhabited by the student but a diverse community. With its recent construction –the shopping complex, exhibition centre, auditorium and large cinema complex, it is sufficient to sustain the basic needs of the people.

The street view

The public square – students were having some performances

The residentials

Mostly concrete and brick

Another view of the street

Shops and residentials at the campus..

Double skin facade..

Public space

Light through the hole in concrete column


Home sweet home

finally at my new home after weeks of nomad-ing….
it was not an easy task to find accommodation and move in immediately…

my new home, which is still empty and in big mess…

guess what?!! another staircase leading to…..

rooftop terrace!!!! = summer party…

ps. have just done some cleanings. it’s getting more and more like a home…
[excitement of the day: my new home is a shoe free zone now.. n_n]