Chill and relax

Looking back at the past few days, there was no special or exciting event. But I enjoyed my days. I am now feeling neither happy nor depressed. Every moment is calm and relaxing. I feel….. just fine.

During the days that I have classes, I spend my time in the studio for group discussion. Most lecture classes have ended. Sometimes after classes, we will go either to the bar or waterway side for a drink. I do not join them as often as Alex does. Moreover, I only have design studio classes on Monday and Thursday. My tutor couldn’t attend class yesterday and it is Labour’s day on this Thursday. So, I am having a week holiday.

Anyway, on some days, I still go to the university cafeteria for project discussion. But we spent most of our time chatting.

On the other days, I wake up in the noon and that is how most of my mornings are gone. I still can’t change my habit to sleep earlier – as usual, I go to bed one or two hours before the sun rises. Then, I spend most of my time sitting in front of the laptop. If the mood comes, I will walk down to the street to do groceries or cycle around the city. And I went for swimming this evening and was supposed to sit at the riverside to read a chapter of “The Fountainhead” after that. But today’s weather is not warm enough to keep me staying outdoor.

So, after writing, I realised that there are actually two things that make me happy. One is when I see KY falling in love with the girl who is staying 1700km away from him. He sounds so excited and happy whenever he gets to talk to her. Another is Yee Ming’s post about the surprise present that he received from his darling. I am glad that my “papa” is now in a lovely and sweet relationship. And I think this post of his received the highest comment numbers so far – correct me if I am wrong. I was surprised but happy at the same time to see the amount of people who responded with their blessing.

ps. This is supposed to be a short post. It is a post that I wanted to write for the sake of blogging something. =.=”

Random photos

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View from my rooftop terrace. It was taken at 6.53pm.

Along the street at 07.34pm

After dinner, 09.02pm..

Indoor photo without flash

The street in front of Alex’s house

ps. again, the colour level of the photos are not adjusted.


“She is so sweet…”

“She is so cute…”

“She is so lovely…”

“I really like this girl!!”

Even though she is staying 1700km away from him, he still thinks positively that they can overcome all possible obstacles in the future. No one knows what is going to happen in the future; but he really treasures and appreciates her now.

Whenever he gets her message or receives her call, he will be truly happy and excited. A simple word of concern can simply make his day. And most importantly is that the girl appears in his mind in every moment.

Some couples say that they are in a relationship but it doesn’t seem like they are having one. Some couples prefer not to say it out but they are together and truly care about each other.

KY and the girl are likely in the second situation. But he wishes that they could move on to a further level. He hopes for a chance to provide her more assurance, a sense of belonging and happiness.

I am not certain how things are going on now but I sincerely wish the best for both. I admire KY’s courage and openness to admit his care and love. He said that he is a man and there is nothing to hide.

Ps. KY is a friend whom I have known for almost 7 years. He has been a great friend and a “hou heng tai.” He is also a good listener and caring friend. And I am honoured to post a confession shout-out here.

Dinner for 10

Someone has done a good job in preparing a dinner for 10 persons. It wasn’t me. I was the helper.

It was 8:10pm when these photos were taken. We had our dinner at the outdoor terrace.

Malaysian Chinese dishes

Well, if it wasn’t me, who is the another Malaysian in the photo?

After dinner… persons doing the dishes.

Then, we walked to the city centre in a big group, had ice cream and chilled in a bar.


On the second day in Amsterdam, we went to Keukenhof, near Lisse. It took us about 40 minutes train then 15 minutes bus from the center of Amsterdam. Before we arrived there, we were expecting to see tulip fields and windmill. More else, Khai Yong expected that there were shops selling the famous Holland cheese under the windmill. We felt excited seeing the field filled with blossoming tulips on our way. But Keukenhof is actually a flower garden. We had to pay for it. Since we were already there by the train and bus, it was ridiculous not to enter. So we bought our tickets and entered.

It wasn’t a bad experience after all. I thought Keukenhof was just like another flower garden. But Keukenhof is huge!!! It is the biggest flower garden in the world. We spent six to seven hours lingering around the garden and yet couldn’t finish every part of it. Each part in the garden is unique with own layout and theme. The map board is not easily seen, so we didn’t realise where we were. We gradually moved in from one to another, experiencing the different settings and views of each area.

The weather wasn’t fantastic. It was gloomy and dull. Photos taken didn’t appear to be bright, natural and vivid. Guess it will be a lot better in summer.

suffered big defeat -me!!
papa yeeming is an excellent chess player and had won a lot of awards in school.
but why is his lui lui’s skill so poor?

Towards the end of the trip, we noticed a board which says that we could actually rent bicycles and cycle around the countryside to visit the tulip farms and windmill. =.=”

Even though we didn’t get to go near the tulip fields, the day we spent in the biggest flower garden was excellent.

May schedule

Dates highlighted in yellow indicate the days that I don’t have classes. My parents think that I am in holiday trip instead of studying. Err…..

That also explains my frequent blog updates. But even if I have loads of studio work, I would still blog for my so-called studio break.

Six more weeks to produce the proposed master plan and the building design drawings for the final crit. And yet our airport design is still in the concept and diagrammatic stage. Great challenge!!

Well, someone proposed for a visit to the south of Belgium again on this weekend.

Relaxing day

It has to go when it is not meant to be mine anymore. I dropped it when I was in Brussels; not once but twice. It was fine when it fell on the ground for the first time. But it has stopped working after I dropped it again. I put it in my pocket, and somehow the strap was tangled to my bag strap. So when I adjusted my bag position, the camera was pulled out from my pocket and dropped on the floor.

It was only 6 months old. I really didn’t mean to spoil it. 🙁 Anyway, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX30 is a good camera. Having no camera for almost 2 months really makes my life miserable (exaggerating statement).

the spoilt camera

While waiting for the laundry to be done, I went for a walk. Sitting on a bench at the riverside, I was reading “To Kill A Mockingbird.” It is a book that my classmate, Eliska simply grabbed from her home in Czech. Alex is the one who recommended it.

And of course, I also took some photos of the scenery with my new Fujifilm F100fd. The weather was warm and nice. The colour tone and level of contrast and brightness of these photos are not edited. They are the original images from the camera. I only added the black borders.

(click the images for the enlarged)
crystal clear cloud reflection on the water surface

The images from my previous camera were good and sharp. Somehow, the common problem with compact digital camera is that the images always appear not so vivid to me. But Fujifilm F100fd with its Super CCD sensor is doing a great job in it.

Could you see if the photos have rich colour detail? Natural gradient is seen in the images. Or is it my own biased perception?

Anyway, I still love it..

Super beauty of the day -my new camera

My new camera has just arrived!!

I ordered thru once it is released in the end of March. I placed the order to be sent to Tristyn’s flat in Glasgow. And Nicholas was supposed to bring it over when he came to visit Gent. But, he missed his flight. =.=” And therefore, he helped to send it by post.
(Cheers, Nic!!)

It’s Fujifilm F100fd…

Image source: dpreview

The main reason I chose this model was because of its use of Super CCD HR VIII sensor [uses a new CCD arrangement, based on the diagonally mapped, octagonal sensor arrangement -able to capture highlight and shadow detail that conventional digital cameras miss].

Other specific benefits of Super CCD sensor: –
` it combats the bleached out effect that often ruins flash photography
` it allows you to shoot confidently even in very bright, contrasty conditions
` it delivers detail in areas that normally get lost, such as cloud detail outdoors
` increased exposure latitude provided by the sensor means that it is more forgiving of incorrect exposure

more on Fujifilm

I worked part time in camera shops during my college days. I have seen the image result of cameras which use Super CCD sensor and they delivered excellent image quality. Hope this new model turns out to be a good one too.

It is a 12 megapixel camera [resolution is not my main concern as I normally set it to 3 or 5 megapixel to save hard disk memory space].

Another wow of this camera is its wide angle lense [essential for landscape and buildings photos] and 5x 28mm-140mm optical zoom [to capture details of buildings]. Like any other digital cameras, it also has its Dual Image Stabilizer. And its sensitivity settings can be up to ISO 12800!!! [o.o I don’t need that -results too much noise]

More advantage of this camera is its SD and XD card compatibility. One reason that stops me from getting a Fujifilm camera in the past was because it used only XD card which is far more expensive. XD card is a type of memory storage card that can only be used for Fujifilm and Olympus.

I love my camera…

Will test the image quality and post them soon. The weather is getting nicer and warmer. I shall spend more time outdoor and capture more beautiful photos of Gent.

Had brunch [breads with salami and cheese, half boiled eggs and Alex’s special Neslo!!] with Alex, the eggs expert at his terrace this afternoon under the sun. I could feel the sun heat which I have missed in the past six months -second beauty of the day?