Super beauty of the day -my new camera

My new camera has just arrived!!

I ordered thru once it is released in the end of March. I placed the order to be sent to Tristyn’s flat in Glasgow. And Nicholas was supposed to bring it over when he came to visit Gent. But, he missed his flight. =.=” And therefore, he helped to send it by post.
(Cheers, Nic!!)

It’s Fujifilm F100fd…

Image source: dpreview

The main reason I chose this model was because of its use of Super CCD HR VIII sensor [uses a new CCD arrangement, based on the diagonally mapped, octagonal sensor arrangement -able to capture highlight and shadow detail that conventional digital cameras miss].

Other specific benefits of Super CCD sensor: –
` it combats the bleached out effect that often ruins flash photography
` it allows you to shoot confidently even in very bright, contrasty conditions
` it delivers detail in areas that normally get lost, such as cloud detail outdoors
` increased exposure latitude provided by the sensor means that it is more forgiving of incorrect exposure

more on Fujifilm

I worked part time in camera shops during my college days. I have seen the image result of cameras which use Super CCD sensor and they delivered excellent image quality. Hope this new model turns out to be a good one too.

It is a 12 megapixel camera [resolution is not my main concern as I normally set it to 3 or 5 megapixel to save hard disk memory space].

Another wow of this camera is its wide angle lense [essential for landscape and buildings photos] and 5x 28mm-140mm optical zoom [to capture details of buildings]. Like any other digital cameras, it also has its Dual Image Stabilizer. And its sensitivity settings can be up to ISO 12800!!! [o.o I don’t need that -results too much noise]

More advantage of this camera is its SD and XD card compatibility. One reason that stops me from getting a Fujifilm camera in the past was because it used only XD card which is far more expensive. XD card is a type of memory storage card that can only be used for Fujifilm and Olympus.

I love my camera…

Will test the image quality and post them soon. The weather is getting nicer and warmer. I shall spend more time outdoor and capture more beautiful photos of Gent.

Had brunch [breads with salami and cheese, half boiled eggs and Alex’s special Neslo!!] with Alex, the eggs expert at his terrace this afternoon under the sun. I could feel the sun heat which I have missed in the past six months -second beauty of the day?

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