On the second day in Amsterdam, we went to Keukenhof, near Lisse. It took us about 40 minutes train then 15 minutes bus from the center of Amsterdam. Before we arrived there, we were expecting to see tulip fields and windmill. More else, Khai Yong expected that there were shops selling the famous Holland cheese under the windmill. We felt excited seeing the field filled with blossoming tulips on our way. But Keukenhof is actually a flower garden. We had to pay for it. Since we were already there by the train and bus, it was ridiculous not to enter. So we bought our tickets and entered.

It wasn’t a bad experience after all. I thought Keukenhof was just like another flower garden. But Keukenhof is huge!!! It is the biggest flower garden in the world. We spent six to seven hours lingering around the garden and yet couldn’t finish every part of it. Each part in the garden is unique with own layout and theme. The map board is not easily seen, so we didn’t realise where we were. We gradually moved in from one to another, experiencing the different settings and views of each area.

The weather wasn’t fantastic. It was gloomy and dull. Photos taken didn’t appear to be bright, natural and vivid. Guess it will be a lot better in summer.

suffered big defeat -me!!
papa yeeming is an excellent chess player and had won a lot of awards in school.
but why is his lui lui’s skill so poor?

Towards the end of the trip, we noticed a board which says that we could actually rent bicycles and cycle around the countryside to visit the tulip farms and windmill. =.=”

Even though we didn’t get to go near the tulip fields, the day we spent in the biggest flower garden was excellent.

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  1. lemme teach u how la.. distract ur opponent, then selit one piece into the board unnoticely la..keke..

    I dun follow the rules if possible..X’D

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