“She is so sweet…”

“She is so cute…”

“She is so lovely…”

“I really like this girl!!”

Even though she is staying 1700km away from him, he still thinks positively that they can overcome all possible obstacles in the future. No one knows what is going to happen in the future; but he really treasures and appreciates her now.

Whenever he gets her message or receives her call, he will be truly happy and excited. A simple word of concern can simply make his day. And most importantly is that the girl appears in his mind in every moment.

Some couples say that they are in a relationship but it doesn’t seem like they are having one. Some couples prefer not to say it out but they are together and truly care about each other.

KY and the girl are likely in the second situation. But he wishes that they could move on to a further level. He hopes for a chance to provide her more assurance, a sense of belonging and happiness.

I am not certain how things are going on now but I sincerely wish the best for both. I admire KY’s courage and openness to admit his care and love. He said that he is a man and there is nothing to hide.

Ps. KY is a friend whom I have known for almost 7 years. He has been a great friend and a “hou heng tai.” He is also a good listener and caring friend. And I am honoured to post a confession shout-out here.

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  1. i suspect i know also! :p be cruel alittle… until the day “till death do us part” thingy event we can’t say how successful it is right? even that can be a failure…

    gosh! i’m so cruel! i just realize something btw… flora seemed to be having a good high-end lifestyle so far… jealous-nye!

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