Chill and relax

Looking back at the past few days, there was no special or exciting event. But I enjoyed my days. I am now feeling neither happy nor depressed. Every moment is calm and relaxing. I feel….. just fine.

During the days that I have classes, I spend my time in the studio for group discussion. Most lecture classes have ended. Sometimes after classes, we will go either to the bar or waterway side for a drink. I do not join them as often as Alex does. Moreover, I only have design studio classes on Monday and Thursday. My tutor couldn’t attend class yesterday and it is Labour’s day on this Thursday. So, I am having a week holiday.

Anyway, on some days, I still go to the university cafeteria for project discussion. But we spent most of our time chatting.

On the other days, I wake up in the noon and that is how most of my mornings are gone. I still can’t change my habit to sleep earlier – as usual, I go to bed one or two hours before the sun rises. Then, I spend most of my time sitting in front of the laptop. If the mood comes, I will walk down to the street to do groceries or cycle around the city. And I went for swimming this evening and was supposed to sit at the riverside to read a chapter of “The Fountainhead” after that. But today’s weather is not warm enough to keep me staying outdoor.

So, after writing, I realised that there are actually two things that make me happy. One is when I see KY falling in love with the girl who is staying 1700km away from him. He sounds so excited and happy whenever he gets to talk to her. Another is Yee Ming’s post about the surprise present that he received from his darling. I am glad that my “papa” is now in a lovely and sweet relationship. And I think this post of his received the highest comment numbers so far – correct me if I am wrong. I was surprised but happy at the same time to see the amount of people who responded with their blessing.

ps. This is supposed to be a short post. It is a post that I wanted to write for the sake of blogging something. =.=”

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