Travel trips

Just came back from Amsterdam two days ago. My eagerness to blog always fades every time I am back from each trip. It often takes days to put me back on the track to blog consistently.

I hope that I can blog about every trip and occasion so that in the future, I can look back at what I have experienced. But the problem is that the rate of the travel and event photos loading into my hard disk is faster than the rate I could organise and blog them.

Anyway, a brief entry on the trips I have done recently…

second London trip for design studio site visit..

The next day after we were back from London, Alex from Germany and Elois arrived in Ghent.

A day tour in Ghent city centre, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

Oostende, Belgium

Few days after they left, Khaiyong, Selene and Huimei from Glasgow came over for their holiday trips. Had a great time with them.

Antwerp, Belgium

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Keukenhof, the world largest flower garden which is situated near Lisse, Netherlands

Will blog more details on each trip when the mood struck me. By the way, my time will be more occupied with my design studio work or I will try not being so attached with the internet anymore. It is spring so I might as well just chill and spend more time outdoor.