Convenient dream

I had a convenient dream last night….

I dreamed that I flew back to Malaysia because Kenny was organising a clubbing night out for the “kinkians” gathering. The dream started with me already arrived home in the noon. The party was supposed to be at the night of the same day.

I reached home with my luggage in the living room. Things in the house did not seem to change much, only with some replacement of new household items. My sisters had new haircuts and were wearing clothes that did not seem familiar to me. The two youngest sisters have grown taller. My cute little Kelisa was still there –now already my sister’s. And she has also taken my room.

In the dream, I was supposed to stay for only one or two days in Malaysia. I did not have the intention to meet my relatives or friends, only to go back to see my family and attend the party. My dad thought that it was ridiculous for me to spend RM2200 to fly back only for few days. I didn’t know how I got the exact amount of the ticket price. It was either I was rich in the dream that I could fly anywhere as I wished or a reflection of my impulsiveness character that I just wanted to fly back even for few days.

In the end of the dream, it was about Wai Sun coming over to my house and helped me with the return air ticket online booking. We were going thru the dates and time of the flights. He was also persuading me to come back few days later as I was having two weeks holiday. As soon as I decided to come back a week before my classes start, because I needed to finish my design studio work, my phone alarm rang,

And then I was half awake, looking at the surroundings and realised that I am back in Ghent instantly. I was disappointed that I couldn’t spend longer time at home but excited as I did not need to spend more than 14 hours on air to reach back here.

It was time to get out of bed and get ready to studio.

Dream is the only way I can meet and feel the closure with my family members now. And it is convenient that I don’t need to spend money and time to travel and can see them instantly.

Ok, I know it sounds a bit ridiculous.

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