Eiffel Tower extension proposal

Perhaps we should go to Paris in summer to see the before and after Eiffel Tower architecture; just in case the tower management company La Societe d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE) approves the proposal.

Eiffel Tower – now
Photo credit: 

Proposed tower extension
Photo credit: Serero

Photo credit: Serero

Photo credit: Serero

It is not something new. It was reported in March.

The above computer generated images is a proposal project by Serero Architects, but claimed mistakenly by numerous reports as a project that has won the open competition when the images are spread across the internet. Even the mainstream media made mistake in their reports.

After all, maybe Paris is a place that I shall go when I stand on my own two feet. It is not cheap to pay for the museums and art galleries entrance fee thou.

4 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower extension proposal”

  1. I had hoped that the ugly platform won’t be a reality ever since I read it sometime back. I would love to see the original form from Gustavo and not some economical reasoned modified version of it.

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