Circles of knowledge

Working with Alex is stressful!!!

“The more I know, the more I realise that I don’t know.”

Listen to his comments and opinions on the issues from the political news to the economy changes; from the cultural and history events to the evolutionary theories; from the tragic news to the human and technology developments; from the life philosophy to the community ideology; from the buildings structure and details to the architectural ideas; from his nostalgic memories to his dreams and plans; and from his daily routine to the studio works… he makes me feel stupider, especially during the critical time when the final crit is on next week.

Circles of knowledge

So, the outer ring of my knowledge circle is growing when the area of the inner ring is expanding. There are more things that I don’t know and therefore I feel dumber…

3 thoughts on “Circles of knowledge”

  1. i think ur belly will expand faster than ur inner n outer beware of it!! 😛

    Anyway,its not really that ur outer circle is expanding. kekeke..

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