My sisters’ dedication for Mother’s Day

As usual, my family would go back to my mother’s hometown on Mother’s Day. We usually celebrate this special day with my grandmother together with the other relatives.

For this year’s event, my sisters secretly compiled some past few years’ photos of my mum and us and my parents. The photos were arranged chronologically in a panel. It shows her effort to raise us through all these years. Then, my sister sent it for printing and framed into a A3 size.

And on the special day, one of my sisters gave this to her in front of everyone which makes her feel proud.

The thoughtful gift..

click for the enlarged

Mother’s day

One day, a friend of mine asked what gift I would get for my mum in conjunction with Mother’s Day. To be honest, it came across my mind to get a small gift in the city centre and send back to Malaysia thru parcel. However, on a second thought, I think a gift for Mother’s Day shouldn’t be only valued on the present itself or given on this specific day. It also seemed ridiculous for me to purchase the present in Euro currency that is converted from Ringgit Malaysia currency and then send it back to Malaysia. I think she will feel more relief if I spend wisely. It shouldn’t be buying something merely for the sake of getting a present to show my appreciation.

Therefore, the gift for her are actually the constant updates about my life in overseas in my blog and lots of my photos uploaded in Facebook photo album. Besides that, the best gift will also be me taking good care of myself in the foreign country, and me growing up from an undutiful daughter who rarely did any house chores and didn’t even know how to cook rice when in Malaysia to the current me who is able to live independently and cook few simple dishes…

prepared ingredients

Top- Broccoli and carrots;
Bottom left- Chicken and cabbage;
Bottom right- Fish with onions and tomatoes

Left- Chicken with broccoli and carrots;
Right- Chinese mushroom with lettuce


Apparently I have never thought of letting my parents know and read my posts at the time I started blogging. However, one of my posts was about my decision to apply for student exchange program in Belgium. I was excited to let my mum to see the photos of beautiful Ghent and show the location of Belgium. I doubted if she knows how to use google image or google map. So, I sent her the link of my blog for her to view and understand my plan. At that time, I felt rather silly to let my parents know my blog because I thought it would restrict the range of my blogging topics. Nevertheless, knowing that my parents would read my blog actually motivates me to blog more often – posting about the travel trips that I have made and also my thoughts on some general issues.

Anyway, here is a gratitude dedication to my amazing mummy…

You gave us love, as well as life;
so whatever goodness we may bring to Earth
began with the gift of your heart.

Thank you.
You are wonderful!!





Amsterdam iii

We did not visit many places on the last day; only to the markt and the museum and galleries area.

miss the raw seafood smell in wet market 😛

penis and breast chocolate


Van Gogh Museum
(the existing building on the right by Gerrit Rietveld;
the extension building on the left by Kisho Kurokawa)

I shall come back again to visit all the galleries and museums with the Museum Card which costs €22.45 (below 24) for a year. It’s better than paying €10 for Rijksmuseum and another €10 for Van Gogh Museum.

Super random

It had been almost 4 months that I had not been using AutoCad programme. I wish that I still can remember how to use it. “TR” is for trimming the lines and errr… what is the shortcut key to extend the lines? I think it’s “EX”.


Sometimes I still can’t believe that I can cook; not only fried eggs and instant noodles.

ps. Gor, even though they are not the speciality dishes, it’s good enough for being a good housewife in the future. 😛

Suangyee’s dream part time job

When I was in school, people asked what my ambition was. I defined it as a job that I wanted to work when I am a grown-up. When others dreamt about what they desired to do in the future, I had the same too. Therefore, I ended up in the architecture course as my stepping stone.

On the other hand, I had a dream part time job. I have great obsession in cameras and digital photography. I wanted to learn how photos are developed and enjoyed exploring the functions of the cameras. I also desired to see the customers’ photos and feel happy for their captured memories. I was desperate to work in a camera shop.

The first camera shop I worked in is located in KLCC. It was one of the biggest camera stores in Malaysia three years ago. Working there has given me a lot of exposure in dealing with not only the locals but foreigners. As it was situated in a busy shopping mall, it was always well stocked and equipped.

I recall that during the day I wanted to ask for a job in the shop, I sat on the bench opposite the shop. Wai Hoon was with me. I hesitated for an hour to walk in for I didn’t have the courage to approach for an interview. I was worried if my first impression was not good enough. And guess what happened next. I still didn’t manage to move myself into the shop in the end. So, we went home and were back to the same bench again on the next day. We spent another hour again and then finally walked into the shop. At last, I managed to get the job.

These showed how much I wanted the job even though it was only a part time job. And I consider it as an achievement for a high school graduate at that time. It was a job that I was interested in, not somewhere to spend my time or earn extra allowance.

Ps. I now have started to apply for Part 1 Architectural Assistant position for my internship. Wish me luck!