Venice at night

The best time for romance in Venice is at night..

photo credit: alex

The buildings are more beautiful at night time. There weren’t too many people in the piazza. We joined the crowd of people who were standing behind the tables and listening to the orchestra for free. Alex spent most of his time testing the night shot photos with his Nikon D40 instead of walking around with me.

photo from my compact digital camera,, Fujifilm Finepix F100fd

photo from his digital SLR camera, Nikon D40
photo credit: alex

The beautiful moon in the dark blue sky as seen in the fairy tale illustrations…

the night view of the grand canal
photo credit: alex

It was a pleasure to walk around at night even at the back alleys knowing that it was safe to do so.

photo credit: alex

Venice 0.03

The third day in Venice is followed with the visits to the main tourist attraction places and galleries. The day before was mostly spent on visiting the churches and exploring the back alleys. We put the main tourist attraction spots on the last day in our travel itinerary.

Basilica di San Marco and Torre dell’Orologio (The Clock Tower)

Mosaic above entrance of Basilica di San Marco

Piazza San Marco

Venice Pigeons

view from the clock tower

The view to the surrounding islands

In the beginning, I thought that the visit to Venice was only about seeing the canals, bridges and churches. However, the unexpected outcome from this trip was deeper understanding on the Renaissance period and also better perspective in appreciating the Renaissance art. Visits to art galleries in future will be more fun.

Linear perspective
The so-real wall painting which seemed like a carved painting.

Suangyee and travel partner

Venice 0.02 – the day of churches

The Grand Canal

Calatrava’s bridge

We spent more time exploring thru the back alleys on the second day.

Went through the mysterious alleyways, endless mazes of back streets and deserted squares.

We got the Venice card which includes free entrance to 16 churches and some museums, also the unlimited travel on the bus services.

Jewish Ghetto

Venice is famous for its canals and also an urban car free area.

Malaysian dinner for the Erasmus students

It was probably the last Malaysian dinner for the Erasmus students. After this, there might not be any more parties and dinners among the exchange students. Almost all my classmates in Ghent will be going home soon. However, Alex, Nicholas and I will also leave Belgium on 5th of July. We’ll be travelling in Germany for 2 weeks.

Alex, Pui San and I prepared the Malaysian dishes for yesterday’s dinner. Alex cooked his specialty: minced meat with aubergine and shrimps with bell peppers, Pui San grilled her tandoori chicken and I prepared the curry chicken. The curry chicken was spicy but everyone enjoyed the dinner.

before dinner – view from the terrace

during dinner – view from the living room

The guys were watching the Euro Cup football match after the dinner whilst the girls who were not interested watched movie on Alex’s 22” LCD monitor. Martyna and I did the dishes and cleaned.

I remember the last time I watched a football match was two years ago when the FIFA World Cup was held. European countries such as Spain, Czech, Italy, and Germany seemed distant to me. They were only name of countries which are located far away from me. But watching the football match together with the European classmates gave me a different experience. Friends from different countries gave their opinions and comments on the teams and matches. It was entirely in a different atmosphere to watch the match together with the friends who were supporting their national team.

watching football at the terrace

Then, we went to Graslei, sat by the waterway and chilled. Everyone would bring few cans of beer as usual. I seldom drink, just joined the conversation.

ghent night view

The night ended with 15 minutes Frisbee at 1.15am….

However, everyone will be back to Ghent in the mid of July for Gentse Feesten (Ghent Festival), the 10 days music festival. It will be the reunion for the Erasmus students and also farewell.

Venice 0.01

We reached Treviso airport in the noon and arrived at the B&B at around 3 in the evening. As we reached the bus stand in Oriago, the small town where the B&B is located at, we called the owner to pick us up. After unpacking, we took the bus back to Venice. We did not much in the first evening but wondered around.

Venice is shaped like a fish.

Venice is small but the streets are confusing. Every street looked almost the same. But to get lost is part of the experience in Venice.

The Venice mask sold in the kiosks and also shops in almost every street.

the super expensive gondola.
my dad said that an hour of gondola experience can spend him few days Bangkok trip.

Some streets were quiet…

Some streets were crowded…

Venice was nice but the island was mostly accommodated by the tourists.

Piazza San Marco (top left image); Grand Canal (top right image)

Piazza San Marco

We got lost again when heading back to the bus terminal.

That’s all for the first evening in Venice. I will continue on the second day trip as soon as I finish selecting and sorting the photos. Someone took about 700 photos in this trip. There are about 1000 photos from this 4 days 3 nights trip including mine.

Italy suburbs

The return ticket from Charleroi to Venice was 30 euro, including the 10 euro for the airport check-in charge. The price for the hotels in Venice is rather expensive during the peak period. The cheapest one would range from 90 euro per room. And it would be definitely cheaper to stay in the hotel located at the mainland instead at the island. After browsing thru countless internet web pages, I managed to get a B&B for 35 euro per room. It was really cheap even if compare with the other B&B at the mainland which cost 70 euro at the lowest price.

Even though the B&B is located at the outskirt of the town, we love the place for the different adventure to stay at the suburbs area. It was actually a room rented out from a family house. It was as if we were staying at a place of friends. We had to share the bathroom with the family but breakfast was also provided in their dining room. The owner was a nice, bubbly and friendly lady. Free internet access from the room was also provided.

the first fan I saw in europe

view from the room

From the house, we had to cycle about 10 minutes to the bus stand. It then took us 30 minutes by bus to Piazzale Roma, the main bus terminal in Venice.

view along the cycling path

another cycling route

while waiting for the bus

There was a French old couple who checked in on the day after ours. We had breakfast with them in the second morning.

Father’s Day

Without realising it, tomorrow is Father’s Day when Mother’s Day seemed to be just few days back. I blogged a brief post about my life in oversea and put few photos of me and my sisters then and now for Mother’s Day. I had some ideas for what to do for this Father’s Day but I have been really busy recently – final crit, portfolio preparation, study visit report, job hunting and Venice trip. However, the content and gratitude that I have been trying to show is about the same as what I have written previously for the Mother’s Day post. I will keep blogging about my life and trips here.


Speaking about gratitude, I have been fortunate that my parents could afford me an opportunity to study oversea. My dad has always longed to have free time and travel around, especially to see the nature. Hence, will it be more relevant that I hope to show my gratitude by helping to fulfil this dream of his? I shall start thinking about their Europe holiday trip itinerary and be prepared to welcome them.

Most of my friends have dreamt about the things they want to buy and do with their internship salary. There is no difference between theirs and mine. But, what I have been always thinking and hoping more is able to afford part of their travel expenses. It sounds ideal thou. Nevertheless, it is a mission that I am not certain if I can do by next year. It is still early to know if I am able to stand on my own two feet or know the amount of money I need in the future. I shall also put a lot of effort in finding job for my placement.

ps. job hunting is stressful.

I’ll pay for the gondola trip during their trip to Venice.
It is really pricey – about 70euro per ride.


Look at this and I wondered if there was flat monitor screen at the time that I was a kid. I also thought that it was me but it was actually my youngest sister..

This is me…