Father’s Day

Without realising it, tomorrow is Father’s Day when Mother’s Day seemed to be just few days back. I blogged a brief post about my life in oversea and put few photos of me and my sisters then and now for Mother’s Day. I had some ideas for what to do for this Father’s Day but I have been really busy recently – final crit, portfolio preparation, study visit report, job hunting and Venice trip. However, the content and gratitude that I have been trying to show is about the same as what I have written previously for the Mother’s Day post. I will keep blogging about my life and trips here.


Speaking about gratitude, I have been fortunate that my parents could afford me an opportunity to study oversea. My dad has always longed to have free time and travel around, especially to see the nature. Hence, will it be more relevant that I hope to show my gratitude by helping to fulfil this dream of his? I shall start thinking about their Europe holiday trip itinerary and be prepared to welcome them.

Most of my friends have dreamt about the things they want to buy and do with their internship salary. There is no difference between theirs and mine. But, what I have been always thinking and hoping more is able to afford part of their travel expenses. It sounds ideal thou. Nevertheless, it is a mission that I am not certain if I can do by next year. It is still early to know if I am able to stand on my own two feet or know the amount of money I need in the future. I shall also put a lot of effort in finding job for my placement.

ps. job hunting is stressful.

I’ll pay for the gondola trip during their trip to Venice.
It is really pricey – about 70euro per ride.


Look at this and I wondered if there was flat monitor screen at the time that I was a kid. I also thought that it was me but it was actually my youngest sister..

This is me…

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