Venice 0.01

We reached Treviso airport in the noon and arrived at the B&B at around 3 in the evening. As we reached the bus stand in Oriago, the small town where the B&B is located at, we called the owner to pick us up. After unpacking, we took the bus back to Venice. We did not much in the first evening but wondered around.

Venice is shaped like a fish.

Venice is small but the streets are confusing. Every street looked almost the same. But to get lost is part of the experience in Venice.

The Venice mask sold in the kiosks and also shops in almost every street.

the super expensive gondola.
my dad said that an hour of gondola experience can spend him few days Bangkok trip.

Some streets were quiet…

Some streets were crowded…

Venice was nice but the island was mostly accommodated by the tourists.

Piazza San Marco (top left image); Grand Canal (top right image)

Piazza San Marco

We got lost again when heading back to the bus terminal.

That’s all for the first evening in Venice. I will continue on the second day trip as soon as I finish selecting and sorting the photos. Someone took about 700 photos in this trip. There are about 1000 photos from this 4 days 3 nights trip including mine.

2 thoughts on “Venice 0.01”

  1. I used to take tonnes of photos on trips too… now..sorta cut down by 30-40%.. I have no idea why.

    Anyway, I will love to visit Venice again. Didn’t get to discover the place properly the last time round.

  2. gosh it is soooooo beautiful..

    you know wat?! mom gave me 10k for my 1st class.. hahaha

    but i don have time to go europe anymo.. not wen my work start in july.. haihhhzzzzz 🙁

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