Malaysian dinner for the Erasmus students

It was probably the last Malaysian dinner for the Erasmus students. After this, there might not be any more parties and dinners among the exchange students. Almost all my classmates in Ghent will be going home soon. However, Alex, Nicholas and I will also leave Belgium on 5th of July. We’ll be travelling in Germany for 2 weeks.

Alex, Pui San and I prepared the Malaysian dishes for yesterday’s dinner. Alex cooked his specialty: minced meat with aubergine and shrimps with bell peppers, Pui San grilled her tandoori chicken and I prepared the curry chicken. The curry chicken was spicy but everyone enjoyed the dinner.

before dinner – view from the terrace

during dinner – view from the living room

The guys were watching the Euro Cup football match after the dinner whilst the girls who were not interested watched movie on Alex’s 22” LCD monitor. Martyna and I did the dishes and cleaned.

I remember the last time I watched a football match was two years ago when the FIFA World Cup was held. European countries such as Spain, Czech, Italy, and Germany seemed distant to me. They were only name of countries which are located far away from me. But watching the football match together with the European classmates gave me a different experience. Friends from different countries gave their opinions and comments on the teams and matches. It was entirely in a different atmosphere to watch the match together with the friends who were supporting their national team.

watching football at the terrace

Then, we went to Graslei, sat by the waterway and chilled. Everyone would bring few cans of beer as usual. I seldom drink, just joined the conversation.

ghent night view

The night ended with 15 minutes Frisbee at 1.15am….

However, everyone will be back to Ghent in the mid of July for Gentse Feesten (Ghent Festival), the 10 days music festival. It will be the reunion for the Erasmus students and also farewell.

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