Venice 0.03

The third day in Venice is followed with the visits to the main tourist attraction places and galleries. The day before was mostly spent on visiting the churches and exploring the back alleys. We put the main tourist attraction spots on the last day in our travel itinerary.

Basilica di San Marco and Torre dell’Orologio (The Clock Tower)

Mosaic above entrance of Basilica di San Marco

Piazza San Marco

Venice Pigeons

view from the clock tower

The view to the surrounding islands

In the beginning, I thought that the visit to Venice was only about seeing the canals, bridges and churches. However, the unexpected outcome from this trip was deeper understanding on the Renaissance period and also better perspective in appreciating the Renaissance art. Visits to art galleries in future will be more fun.

Linear perspective
The so-real wall painting which seemed like a carved painting.

Suangyee and travel partner

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