Venice at night

The best time for romance in Venice is at night..

photo credit: alex

The buildings are more beautiful at night time. There weren’t too many people in the piazza. We joined the crowd of people who were standing behind the tables and listening to the orchestra for free. Alex spent most of his time testing the night shot photos with his Nikon D40 instead of walking around with me.

photo from my compact digital camera,, Fujifilm Finepix F100fd

photo from his digital SLR camera, Nikon D40
photo credit: alex

The beautiful moon in the dark blue sky as seen in the fairy tale illustrations…

the night view of the grand canal
photo credit: alex

It was a pleasure to walk around at night even at the back alleys knowing that it was safe to do so.

photo credit: alex

4 thoughts on “Venice at night”

  1. You are making me wanting to visit Venice again even more. I seriously need to looked for travelmates who knows how to take vacation as vacation.

  2. shandygal: end of venice post. will post about others.

    mrbherng: Yes, travel for the sake of seeing the culture and history too, instead of visiting for the sake of being at the place.

  3. Ohhhh Venezia….
    The pizza, Gelato, gondola, masks, Ralto bridge with gold shops, water taxis, and pigeon shit on streets are so memorable.

    i like the maze like zig zag back alley street near the center, it’s like a huge maze.

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