Second adventure day to my parcel

I have burnt loads of calories yesterday. We cycled about 30km back and forth; each journey took us about 80 minutes. I was told that I need to pay extra 10euro if they were asked to deliver the parcel again. We cycled all the way there to collect it because I thought it would be better to spend the 10euro wisely on other things. But no. I still had to pay the extra 10 euro because of the tax and the lady told me that there would not be any extra charges if they had to make the delivery again. So, imagine how my feeling was at that time.

The first adventure day was cold with about 14 degree. We had to walk with wet feet under the rain. But I sweated a lot yesterday. It was about 24 degree with hot sun.

Anyway, it was a good experience. We managed to explore and see the smaller town of Belgium.

the straight straight road

one of the main rivers in Belgium

saw a seniors cycling group

outskirt view

belgium small town

the reason the bus took another route that day

Mcdonalds on the way, we had our break there after collecting the parcel

finally the taxipost, place where I collected my parcel and still had to pay the 10euro.

inside my parcel : 500gb hard disk – the thing that I longed the most, had to clear my laptop and external hard disk space. the project scale that i am working is getting bigger and the file size is also increasing; chinese chess – ready to challenge Alex again after terrible lost in Keukenhof; small, light and yet powerful hairdryer – at least i don’t need to use my expenses to pay for it etc.


My group member, Nagore will be going back to Spain tomorrow. Will miss her… She’ll be back in July for the 10-days Gent festival.


This is a quick post before I go to bed. Will be on travel trip in the next few days but will try to update as there is free internet access provided in the hotel.

Sint Lucas, Gent




Courtyard in the middle

Terrace from the front entrance

Notice board with Dutch posters

Courtyard behind the cafeteria

This photo is taken at 3-4am, the last night before the panels were printed. My group members and I stayed till 6am. It was spooky to go to the toilet alone. The school used to be a monastery a few centuries ago, according to Alex.

*I will miss you girls, Nagore and Martyna… 🙂

The adventure to my parcel

My mum is always busy. =.=”


There are seven days in a week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. And I had classes on Mondays and Thursdays. As I estimated that it would take exactly a week for the parcel from Malaysia to reach Ghent, I said, “Please don’t send the parcel on these days.”

And since my mum is a super busy woman, she had been delaying days after days to deliver it. Well, I should have been grateful for her effort, but out of these seven days, she chose to send it on THURSDAY!! The parcel has arrived safely in Ghent, but no one was at home to receive it. And therefore, they left a slip to inform that if I wanted them to deliver it again, I would have to call and pay them 10euro. Thinking that it doesn’t worth to pay 10euro when I can cycle there, I decided to “google map” the post office location.

the route – approximately 15km
straight road

Alex and I were supposed to cycle there, but because he couldn’t borrow the bike from our friend, Andres, we decided to take the public transport– tram and bus. We searched the transport route online. We left at half past two.

We left the house by tram. By the time we reached the bus stand at Gentbrugge (the blue arrow in the map above), the bus number 96 has just left. The next bus is scheduled to arrive in an hour later. The online route planner was accurate. We were supposed to wait only 3 minutes for the next bus as we got down from the tram. But because we spent time looking at the map at the tram stand, we missed the bus.

So, we decided to walk. After walking for about 30 minutes, we asked for direction and were told that it would take another 45 minutes to reach the destination by foot. So, we waited for the next bus and arrived in Aalst, another city in Belgium. ==” The bus took another route as indicated in the highlighted route above. Our destination was Wetteren.

We waited for another 15 minutes in Aalst to get the bus back to Ghent. We asked the bus driver for the direction. He told us that he would inform us where to get down but….

He directed us to stop at A in the map above. And look at the location of Wetteren.

So, we had to wait for another bus, standing for about 15 minutes under the rain, in the cold with 10-12 degree.

We boarded on the next bus and went thru all the small roads (the highlighted green area in the map above) that we didn’t even know where we were. There were only both of us in the bus. The bus then stopped at a bus stand in the middle of nowhere and the bus driver said that we had to get down there and wait for another bus. We were “lucky” that we manage to catch another bus that was the last bus. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if we missed the last bus. Moreover, we didn’t see any taxi.

What made the day worse was it rained the whole day. We had to walk with wet feet, freezing in the cold..

We got the tram back and headed straight to our Japanese friend farewell party. Alex bought a chair with 60 cent in their auction to clear their things.

And the conclusion of the journey is we didn’t manage to get the parcel. We left the house at 2.30pm and reached Wetteren at 7.30pm. The post office closes at 7pm.

Anyway, I decided not to give up and will have another adventure day to go there on Monday!!! We’ll cycle this time.

ps. I didn’t bring my camera out, therefore no photos of the trip.

Road of life

An interesting photo captured by my sister…
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Photo credit: Suang Jing

Her quote: 人生就是这么一回事,再直的路,也许远方都会有一些弯曲,这是挫折,我们还是要走下去

Life… No matter how straight the path is, there will be some curves ahead. It is frustrating; but we still have to move on.