La Roche without en-Ardenne

There was a day that we wanted to go to La Roche-en-Ardenne, but ended up at La Roche. They were different places.

There were no museums, no castles, no churches and no town centre with row of shops; perhaps further away that we didn’t reach by foot.

We were there early in the morning and explored the rural area that is surrounded by nature, houses along the empty streets with only few old people walking around and saw BIG FAT CHICKENS.

People in smaller town are normally friendlier. The lady saw us standing beside the fence and spoke to us in French. We couldn’t understand and thought that she was trying to chase us away. But she opened the gate, let us in to take photos. The chickens weighed approximately 10kg each.

Then we walked around and interacted with the nature… We spent few hours there.

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