A bit of everything – Germany

The 12 days trip in Germany has definitely broadened my horizon.

We had a glance at the city with bold high-rise buildings, Frankfurt. We went not so deep into the forest, thru the curvy roads, up and down the hills that gave me car sickness to explore the beautiful nature in the Southwest of Germany. We visited a friend who is staying in Leipzig, famous as a place where Johann Sebastian Bach, the famous composer stayed for 28 years. We have been to Dessau where the Bauhaus art school is located, played important role on modern architecture and art style. Besides the modern style, we also witnessed the historical buildings, impressive castles, churches and cathedrals, and few museums. We stepped into a city which was separated by a wall and resulted different urban development and culture, the capital of Germany, Berlin.

Commerzbank Tower, located in the centre of Frankfurt,
designed by Fosters

Outstanding architecture in Dresden – Deconstruction style
Coop Hilmmelb(l)au’s UFA

Bauhaus in Dessau

It is a country which has not only one but few major cities; each with unique characters. We have been to the West and the East of Germany, had more understanding about the history – from the division to the reunification, the rise and fall of the famous Berlin Wall. Germany was one of the influential powers during the war, has had a great impact on Continental history.

Contemplating in the nature in Blackforest

Crystal clear blue green landscape

Old town in Germany – Heidelberg

Impressive cathedral interior

The statue of Johann Sebastian Bach, the world famous composer

Germany is definitely a place to experience almost everything, from the classical to the modern, with its rich history and culture. It is also the worldโ€™s biggest car producer, the birthplace of the famous Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and BMW. Some cities in Germany were not with either classical or medieval style buildings but glass and steel building blocks; many old structures were destroyed during the war. It is the industrial powerhouse. And what more, Hansel and Gretel, the fairy tale is originated there.

The Mercedes

Bavarian Beer

The three of us – Alex S . Suangyee . Alex T

There was too much to see in Berlin. It could not be fitted in this ‘A bit of Everything’ post. We only had 2 nights

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there and due to some circumstances, we headed back to Belgium a day earlier than expected. Anyway, Berlin is a city to stay for at least three or four days.

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  1. ingchia:
    i am not sure bout the first photo cuz we passed by the place, stopped and took photos. i’ll check for u.

    the second lake, which was the photo at the most bottom is blauptof.

  2. Intensive travelling in Germany is a wonderful experience. It’s possible with the excellent railway network there. I’m sure you won’t regret this experience of running north south east west of the whole Germany.

    Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€

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