380 euro for 12 days in Germany

How did we spend approximately 380euro each for the 12 days trip in Germany? So sorry, no souvenirs for family and friends, the trip was intended to be a super budget trip. There was no time to shop anyway.

We spent the first few nights at Mannheim where Alex S’ home is.

a photo with his dad, super nice friendly man…

We slept in the tent for some nights at the campsite.

dark night when they were putting up the tent.
i was busy taking photos of the darkness

There was a night I slept in this…. (in my dream)

I guess they are owned by the campsite management, and have to pay extra for it. So, we still had to put up our own tent. The place was rather empty at the night we arrived, only another tent beside us.

But, there was a bunch of kids “invading” our territory early in the next morning. We were preparing to leave anyway.

There were also cold nights.

And we survived on bread for almost each meals….

Even for the lunch – I was packing the sandwich rolls.

There was also “luxurious” night. This small house belongs to a friend of Alex S’ family. We bought a small plant which costs 4euro as a gift. So, we paid 1.30euro each for a comfortable night stay in Blackforest.
we had spaghetti for our dinner – luxury of the luxuries

Also few nights at few friends’ place.

The friend of Alex S survives only on 300euro for a month. The living cost in the East Germany is lower compared to the West.


And we traveled by car. It helped to save a lot on the train tickets. But we shared to pay for the petrol.

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