So, it was my mum’s birthday on last Friday. My family was at my aunt’s house, celebrating with my cousin who shares the same birth date with my mum. Most relatives were there for the family buffet style party and at the same time visiting their new house.

My sister walked around with her laptop and did a virtual tour for me through the tiny webcam attached. Other than that, with it, I got to greet and

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waved my hands, and also had quick chats with almost all of my relatives who were there. Advanced technology nowadays. I felt as if I was there but in another dimension. I felt as if I was a virtual human that they were talking to.

Then my sister put her laptop on the turntable, and tried to tempt me with the view of everyone eating and they ate as if it was the most delicious food in the world.

Not to miss the ambience and feel altogether celebrating this eventful occasion, in that evening, I asked Alex and Nic to have our dinner at a Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown.

photo in front of the chinatown gate to mark my presence

while queing

nasi lemak
– the portion was big, i couldn’t finish it

My adventure since Sept 2007

I am counting the amount of times I moved in 11 months. I moved to three different cities, packed and unpacked uncountable times, and carried heavy loads thru many journeys.

September 2007
Tried to stuff whatever I could into the big suitcase [less than 30kg] and hand carry luggage [less than 10kg]

24th September 2007
Departed from Malaysia to Glasgow, Scotland. Had to adapt to the new environment . Stayed in university accommodation.

room in uni accommodation

23rd Jan 2008
Moved everything to Tris’ place with the car we rented from London and stayed there for 2 weeks.


Feb 2008
Moved everything to Pei Ling’s place with Peter’s delivery service. 19pound per hour and shared to pay with Alex. Packed the stuffs overnight before flying on the next day.

13th Feb 2008
Flew to Belgium and stayed in hostel for 2 weeks and B&B in the weekends.

airplane landed in lille, france instead of charleroi, belgium.

waiting for the bus

Some days in Feb 2008
Stayed at alex’s place for a week.

1st Mar 2008
Moved in to new home in Belgium.

first day – packed, cleaned, bought new household stuffs, rushed to eliska’s and tomas’ birthday party at night, partied in the bar.

room no.2 – huge tent

End of July 2008
Contract ended. Packed and moved everything to alex’s house. Had to go back and forth by public bus for few times. Packed overnight again before flying back to Glasgow.

alex’s 22″ lcd monitor

5th Aug 2008
Nearly had to pay 400 euro for extra luggage and nearly got deported at the airport – click here to know more about it. Arrived Glasgow and stayed a night in tris’ and boris’ place.

6th Aug 2008
Went to London for 6days. Stayed at Hemaraj’s mum’s place.

12th Aug 2008
Stayed in uni accommodation for 2 weeks.

22nd Aug 2008
Packed everything and moved to London by train.

26th Aug 2008
Moving in to temporary new home. Got 5 weeks contract only.

30th Sept 2008
Still not decidable

My things are now here and there. Some are packed in boxes in Belgium, waiting to be delivered over; some are left in boxes under Charlie’s bed in Glasgow; a box left in Hemaraj’s house; and a few bags with us now.

things left in belgium

I arrived in London two days ago. My friends asked how I feel about moving to a new place again. I feel normal because I don’t know where I belong to.

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Internal crit day

Days filled with assignments ended today. After tomorrow’s RIBA part 1 review, I’ll be leaving Glasgow again to find my new temporary home. This was the longest semester ever. We started our classes in the mid February and ended with the final review today. So, even though we had the time to travel around, we were burdened with assignments. The normal me would not finish assignments early.

Students who went on the 07/08 Erasmus Exchange program met to present their experiences studying abroad today. Some presented with picture slideshows, some in PowerPoint, some with videos and some with photo prints. It was like going on a day trip to different countries in Europe, as well as Singapore and Brisbane, Australia.

Everyone’s experience in the beginning of the semester was likely the same. The lucky ones managed to get university accommodation, while others stayed in youth hostels for days or even weeks before getting new accommodation. That included us – We spent about 2 weeks in the youth hostel, as well as weekends in a B&B and with a Belgian we met in Glasgow.

The girls who went to NUS in Singapore travelled to Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and also Malaysia, to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. Studying in NUS was quite an experience for them as they were apparently not used to the Singaporean architecture students (kiasu maaaa) working 15 hours a day.

Everyone shared their experiences, showing photos of the places they visited, parties attended and funny pictures. Then there was a self-prepared buffet lunch followed by individual reviews on our work done on exchange.

the guy who always emo after review

the birthday man


your daughter is super busy in these few days especially for today and tomorrow.
final crit today and external RIBA part 1 review tomorrow.

mum said you all will be going for nice dinner tonight, but i’m now having my luxury breakfast, grainbread with chocolate jam and half boiled egg.


now preparing to go to uni.

love you…

All the whatever -less ii

The part 2 of my whatever-less…. endless assignments.

It is not the hardest assignment ever but I couldn’t stand seeing myself writing nonsense.

But, when I was forced by someone to do it properly, the assignment is actually interesting, when I started to think a bit harder and focus a bit more. It helps to reflect on the projects that I have been doing in the past 4 years – summarizing a lot a lot of criteria that I have tackled.

And yes, I also have endless whine when it comes to assignments anyway.

It is finishing… Yes, everything is going to end in few days.

I thank someone who edited and improved my work; who encouraged me not to give up, coaxed me to complete it and said would stay awake to accompany me, but sleeping like a pig now…..
It’s ok, I understand. 🙂

Time to bed now. Early scheduled day tomorrow to get all my printings done, continue packing and finish my whatever chores left.

All the whatever -less

I am now jobless and homeless. I am unsure of where my next destination lies. I am wondering around hoping for the best. What is the best anyway? It all comes from my own heart.
I begin to doubt if I have made the right choice. I insisted on it because I know what I am going after and why I am doing it. Should I move on to towards this direction even the path is bumpy or should I keep my options open and divert to another path?
For now, I hold the belief that I should stay on this path. To never give up is one of the main reasons of success and since I believe that this is what I wanted, this is what I shall do. You may call me stubborn but I call myself persistent.
I shall. I shall let go of everything old so the new things can flow in.
I shall. I shall work my way there.