All the whatever -less ii

The part 2 of my whatever-less…. endless assignments.

It is not the hardest assignment ever but I couldn’t stand seeing myself writing nonsense.

But, when I was forced by someone to do it properly, the assignment is actually interesting, when I started to think a bit harder and focus a bit more. It helps to reflect on the projects that I have been doing in the past 4 years – summarizing a lot a lot of criteria that I have tackled.

And yes, I also have endless whine when it comes to assignments anyway.

It is finishing… Yes, everything is going to end in few days.

I thank someone who edited and improved my work; who encouraged me not to give up, coaxed me to complete it and said would stay awake to accompany me, but sleeping like a pig now…..
It’s ok, I understand. 🙂

Time to bed now. Early scheduled day tomorrow to get all my printings done, continue packing and finish my whatever chores left.

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