Internal crit day

Days filled with assignments ended today. After tomorrow’s RIBA part 1 review, I’ll be leaving Glasgow again to find my new temporary home. This was the longest semester ever. We started our classes in the mid February and ended with the final review today. So, even though we had the time to travel around, we were burdened with assignments. The normal me would not finish assignments early.

Students who went on the 07/08 Erasmus Exchange program met to present their experiences studying abroad today. Some presented with picture slideshows, some in PowerPoint, some with videos and some with photo prints. It was like going on a day trip to different countries in Europe, as well as Singapore and Brisbane, Australia.

Everyone’s experience in the beginning of the semester was likely the same. The lucky ones managed to get university accommodation, while others stayed in youth hostels for days or even weeks before getting new accommodation. That included us – We spent about 2 weeks in the youth hostel, as well as weekends in a B&B and with a Belgian we met in Glasgow.

The girls who went to NUS in Singapore travelled to Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and also Malaysia, to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi. Studying in NUS was quite an experience for them as they were apparently not used to the Singaporean architecture students (kiasu maaaa) working 15 hours a day.

Everyone shared their experiences, showing photos of the places they visited, parties attended and funny pictures. Then there was a self-prepared buffet lunch followed by individual reviews on our work done on exchange.

the guy who always emo after review

2 thoughts on “Internal crit day”

  1. Crit all the way til August??? That’s a very long semester!!!

    Anyway.. wondering will I be visiting Glasgow next academic year… will have free lodging but… it’s just soooooooooo far.

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