Gentse Feesten

Here is a bit about the Gentse Feesten that every Belgian was excited about.

The first night was of course super crowded. On this day, Alex and I left the house with Johannes, his housemate. It took us almost 2 hours walking around to get to our bunch of classmates. Johannes met few friends in almost every 15 minutes along the way and had “quick” chat with them. Ghent is so small.

It was as if Ghent was turned into an open air clubbing city. To be honest, most of us expected more. I personally thought that there would be a lot of people dancing on the street everywhere, getting drunk. Most people were just standing around with their friends, holding the plastic cup of beer and talked. Anyway, we didn’t stay till very everytime we were out, unlike Alex’s housemate, Johannes who came home at 8am.

In the evening, there were concerts performed at the same time in different places of

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the city centre. During the day, there were performers and singers along the street and also market stalls.

ghent festival!

there was also solo performance
– french singer who sang passionately

party! party! party!

random people asked me to take random photo when i was holding the D-SLR

stage over the waterway

it wasn’t just about drinking….
time for fun too!

Also erasmus students farewell party..

By the way, the Ghent Festival is 162 years old.

Current location

The short hand in my watch at this time four days ago was on the 8. I have just adjusted it to be on 7. I am back in UK.

Coming back to Glasgow seems like arriving home. I used the word “coming” because I was actually in Glasgow before I was in Belgium. And I said “home” probably because the language used around me doesn’t make me feel alienated anymore; in fact the period I was in UK is shorter than in Belgium. Perhaps it is because everything I see around me is back in English, the cashier girl speaks to me in English, I understand what is written on the posters, I am able to read the description of the products and the newspaper headline is able to capture my attention now.

What more exciting is the tags “buy 3 for 2”, “buy 1 get 1 free “ or “only 99p” are almost everywhere. The sale period here is extended, unlike in Belgium, which its shopping street was back to normal in the end of July. But, I have to be aware that I am now spending back in Pounds, the same amount is more expensive than in Euros.

I have finally finished my history essay writing yesterday. I restricted myself from blogging before this; I should have spent time in writing my essay instead of writing a post. The only things left for my university work is to compile all my previous works I have done throughout my architecture degree years and summarise the issues that I have tackled during the design process and also finish the view from abroad presentation. After my RIBA part 1 review, I will be free from university work for a year till end of next year September. And I will be stepping into the working world, hopefully starting from next month.

By the way, I am actually homeless again. And for now, I just came from Glasgow to the city where I have to attend my interviews, then back to Glasgow and stay at the university accommodation for about 2 weeks, then at my friend’s place after my review and before getting a new home again. I am feeling excited for my new home again. And the city I am in now is the place that I have to leave house 2 hours earlier than appointment time to the destination, to include the transport service interruption chances, reading the map time and getting lost possibilities.