Evilish dresses

Love at

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first sight..

too ex
from Coast
Bit cheaper..

gonna try it tomorrow
from Warehouse

from Warehouse
the non evening dress…
this season’s trend – tartan and checks
from Jane Norman
And also in love with this coat..
from Jane Norman

They are sooooooo evil!!!

The coming ball

Alex is starting his work on this Wednesday, and his company will be holding their 20th anniversary ball on the coming Friday. There will also be a free night stay at the hotel provided, and he will be bringing me along as his partner.

A splendid old manor house set in parkland and
formal gardens in beautiful Hertfordshire countryside

Victorian feel in decor
I don’t think the room that we will get looks like this

Although not required to pay for it, we will still have to fork out money for the train tickets and most importantly, to get our formal attire ready. I need an evening or cocktail dress, a pair of matching heels, clutch and accessories, and they are sooooooo freaking expensive here. 🙁 Sometimes I hate formal occasions, but I will still be joining them – always an excuse to shop and a chance to prettify myself.

Anyway, someone promises to pay for me if they are in affordable range….. lalala~~~~

Here comes the weird menu:

Freshly made Soup (tomato and coriander)
Smoked Duck with Mango Salsa

Main Courses
Stuffed Saddle of Lamb with Spinach and Pine Nuts
Baked Goats Cheese in Spring Roll Pastry, drizzled with Sweet and Sour Garlic

Main Courses are served with Seasonal Vegetables and potatoes appropriate to each dish

Sticky Toffee Pudding and Butterscotch Sauce

A lot more

In the past few months, I have posted a lot less as compared to when I did in Belgium. Indeed, I should say that I spent a lot of time in blogging at that time because I had plenty of time to burn.

This week had been a busy one for me – I shall show why later. At the same time, I had a lot to write and post – the reflections I have done on my life at this point, the surroundings of the places I am now living at, the things I have recently seen, the things that I have learned since I left Malaysia, the changes in me, the thought of studying architecture from the beginning, the uncertainties that I am facing now, the books, especially The Fountainhead that I have read, and consequently changed my thoughts, the reasons that I have been blogging consistently for the first time, the things that inspired me for my next step, and so much more..

But, it all needs time, proper time to sit down at the couch, listen to nice songs and then write….

Another month

The landlord offered the flat rental for a month extension. Negotiation for lower price failed. Anyway, we accepted the offer; we would have to pay £60-70 extra each WEEK for the same flat size at the same location.
the new corner of the living room

Chilling and stressing

What am I up to these few days? I spent most of my time chilling. There is nothing much I could write or not many photos I could upload. Perhaps, I could consider writing some drama and movies reviews, or listing down my wish items from shop online websites. Indeed, I could also talk about my job and flat hunting. Things that I am up to these few days.
Keep that for later. We went to London Bridge and

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Tower Bridge yesterday, and me as the tour guide, we had to spend some time looking for the right ways. We walked along River Thames, but towards the opposite direction of the places we were heading to. That’s me as the tour guide. So, we ended up taking the tube; the best and fastest way in fact.

behind me..
city hall london by Foster & Partners again

house of parliament
house of parliament
My cousins will be leaving tomorrow evening, Ashley and her friend will be coming after that, and Alex and his parents will be back on this Friday. This coming Wednesday will be my sister’s and Alex’s birthday.

I am not lonely

So how were my days when my housemate is away with his parents?
Not bad…. My cousins have just arrived from Malaysia three days ago; supposed to head down to Portsmouth but decided to stay here for few more days. One of them loves to cook, therefore, I got nice meals.
A primary school friend of mine whom I have not seen for 10 years came to London two weekends ago. So, I offered free tour guide service for her and friends.
And now, again, I brought my cousins for a visit around…. first batch of the photos:

visited Green Park for the third time… 
fourth visit coming soon

needless to say, it’s the Buckingham Palace again!!!

the statue of Queen Victoria

National Gallery and Trafalgar Square

finally, Harrods

eventually, I am soon to be tour guide expert

I supposed we are going to visit the attractions along River Thames this Sunday.

Temporary home

I will have to move on 30th September again. This is a short term rental for only 5 weeks. I think it is impossible to get another house in this location at this price.
Hey, sisters… the photos as promised:

living room 
– place where we eat and watch drama series and use the internet and argue

another view of the living room

reason we got the place cheap

the kitchen

–  the door behind the clothes rack opens to the wardrobe with the landlord’s stuffs; locked.
the bathroom that looks the newest part in the flat

The arrival of Alex’s parents

Alex’s parents have just arrived yesterday. While we left the house two hours earlier than arrival time, nonetheless we were late at the arrival hall. We went to see the new Heathrow terminal 5 by Richard Rogers; a post-airportdesign syndrome that I suppose.
Well, they have also left for their Scotland travel trip this morning, then finally to Manchester to drop off his sister who is enrolling for her 2nd year studies.
And me? I am staying here to guard the house and continue my job and flat hunting.
10 days for them to be back here. I hope that I will not need to cast for the Home Alone 5. 
p.s. photos of new house coming up soon.

New house and the lock

It has been almost 2 weeks since I moved into this new house – 20 minutes by foot to London’s main streets and in 20 minutes of walking in various directions would bring you to at least 9 different tube stations and 2 train stations. Talk about centrality.
It’s a 1 bedroom flat, somewhat furnished. We have an oven but no washing machine. Kitchen utensils along with some junk are provided. The new wooden flooring is unfinished, exposing a layer of foam sheets in the space between the wall and where the boards end. The fireplace has been removed, leaving an unplastered hole in the otherwise stark white wall; exposing the ugly concrete and brickwork beneath. We got this place for a cheap price because of things like this – the flat is currently undergoing refurbishment because the landlord, “had a little time on his hands”
Everything went well except the door lock.
The decade-old lock died on the first day we moved in, barely 2 hours after signing the short term tenancy agreement. We were locked out, us and the landlord whom we called. Eventually we gave out twisting the key and Alex prised the kitchen window open and climbed in. A stream of locksmiths came up later to have a look at the lock, but apparently it was so complex that all of them left scratching their heads in confusion.
The next day, a purported specialist came to have a look. He took the whole door apart and went off with the lock. After a week of delays and empty promises and a truly “punctual” attitude, the lock was finally fixed, in theory, but it was so stiff that the door still couldn’t actually be locked.
During that week, we couldn’t go out together; one had to stay to look after the valuables. The window in the kitchen could not be climbed in and out easily as the window blind first has to be removed; the absence of the blind would allow outsiders to see everything inside. So we took turns to go out and get all the household necessities until last Monday, when Alex discovered the toilet window which was easier to sneak out and sneak in from, hence we could then pretend to be thieves burgling our own flat. Daily.
It wasn’t until two locksmiths sub-contracted from the local housing council (who built the flats) came and “re-fixed” the lock this week before it was finally usable. Oh well, at least it’s just a short walk away from the shopping streets….