I am not lonely

So how were my days when my housemate is away with his parents?
Not bad…. My cousins have just arrived from Malaysia three days ago; supposed to head down to Portsmouth but decided to stay here for few more days. One of them loves to cook, therefore, I got nice meals.
A primary school friend of mine whom I have not seen for 10 years came to London two weekends ago. So, I offered free tour guide service for her and friends.
And now, again, I brought my cousins for a visit around…. first batch of the photos:

visited Green Park for the third time… 
fourth visit coming soon

needless to say, it’s the Buckingham Palace again!!!

the statue of Queen Victoria

National Gallery and Trafalgar Square

finally, Harrods

eventually, I am soon to be tour guide expert

I supposed we are going to visit the attractions along River Thames this Sunday.

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