A lot more

In the past few months, I have posted a lot less as compared to when I did in Belgium. Indeed, I should say that I spent a lot of time in blogging at that time because I had plenty of time to burn.

This week had been a busy one for me – I shall show why later. At the same time, I had a lot to write and post – the reflections I have done on my life at this point, the surroundings of the places I am now living at, the things I have recently seen, the things that I have learned since I left Malaysia, the changes in me, the thought of studying architecture from the beginning, the uncertainties that I am facing now, the books, especially The Fountainhead that I have read, and consequently changed my thoughts, the reasons that I have been blogging consistently for the first time, the things that inspired me for my next step, and so much more..

But, it all needs time, proper time to sit down at the couch, listen to nice songs and then write….

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