Here blob the bubbles

People create because the things they want didn’t exist. New things come from non-existence. 
Often there are things that we have not realised and have not created; but they are there. Intangible concepts – thoughts, souls, feelings, and ideas are present, but can’t be felt with any of the five senses. This is personified by the bubble, a thin liquid envelope that contains globular vacuum – nothing, but something. Empty, but filled. Absent, but present.
Ever heard about the story of how the master asked his disciple to empty his cup before asking for knowledge? That is the lesson that is always applicable to every moment in our life – “if we empty ourselves out, let go and cease to hold on to our views, the truth will come to us”. Therefore, nothingness is the precursor of creation.
After some discussion, we came to the conclusion to call a new project the “exquisite bubble”, – a sharp and intense carving of absence via the layer of “presence” on the bubble. The process of genesis will be revealed someday – I will be waiting expectantly.

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