Ending is also beginning

Sadly, (or happily?), I am moving again to a place nearer to Alex’s office. I can no longer walk to Oxford Street. Our landlord offered us another month, but that was after we paid the registration fee for the new flat. Also, it is difficult to stay at a place where the contract is offered on monthly basis. Furthermore, the rental for the lovely small studio is a lot cheaper and Alex will also be able to save on the season pass.
My friend told me that it is be not cost-efficient to keep moving around. But, given a choice, who would want to move around here and there? In the beginning, I moved into this place because I had no permanent place to stay after I came back from Belgium. I thought of trying my luck in this city and signed a short-term rental contract. It was so much easier too – no fuss about registration and references and things like that.
Anyhow, I am looking forward to moving. The size of the studio is about the same size of the living room and kitchen of this place, but on the flipside, it is modern and new, located in the town centre and merely 2-3 minutes to the train station. It is also unfurnished, but after calculations, it is still a better deal even to get our own furniture than to rent a furnished flat for 10 months. After all, it is only 10 months that we are going to stay there. After that, we will be moving back to Glasgow again.
And since I will need to wait for the internet connection in the new flat, I will not be able to go online for the first few days.

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