25-hour moving adventure

From sunrise to sunset to the next sunrise, we made multiple trips between our old and new flats moving all our stuff. We had to climb up and down stairs for both flats located on 4th floor – the lift in old flat did not work well.
Once during the night, it felt like we were involved with a gruesome murder. All the prerequisites were there- 4am, light rain, dark clothes, dark suitcases, tied-up garbage bags, big boot and a black car. Adventurous, if I may say so.
Luckily, thanks to the daylight saving adjustment, we earned an extra hour on the car rental. And we managed to grab a McDonald’s breakfast in our last trip.
I remember the day I arrived in Glasgow, I was only carrying a big suitcase, a small suitcase, a laptop bag and a handbag. But now, after a year, we had to make a few trips to move our stuffs. (Though the trips did include a bed from Futon Company and furniture from IKEA)
In conclusion, I just don’t know why I have so many things now. I swear I didn’t buy a lot of junk…. 
Uhm… maybe I did.

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