Beautiful evening

We checked into the room an hour before the dinner starts.
We got a premier room

After taking photos of the room, I only had an hour to change, makeup and set my hair.
I got the black satin dress that I heart so much.
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And Alex in his suit
So, we attended the ball without knowing anyone. Alex just had few hi-and-bye-colleagues. There was not any speeches given, but a mini casino at the corner of the room after the dessert.
We checked out at 11am. Sadly, we didn’t have much time to enjoy our stay there.
the Shendish Manor House
and while waiting for the train…
it’s autumn again

War in the house

For few days, we had a war with our stuffs. Most of our things from all over the places we have stayed at are finally back with us, reached here by train, car, ship and aircraft.
When I threw the stationeries out from pencil cases, plastic bags and boxes…
And a stack of the measuring tools too… :S

The weather here is getting colder and colder, but our winter clothes are still left in Belgium. Alex was supposed to collect them when he and his parents visited Belgium. Unfortunately, the trip had to be cancelled because of the fire in the Channel Tunnel. The train tickets had to be exchanged for another travel date, so, on the positive side, I will be going to Belgium again in one of the following weekends. 🙂 I didn’t think of seeing Graslei again so soon. Frankly, I miss Ghent.
And also, the war in the house has never seems to end. I guess it is karma as I was the one who always did the mess back home in Malaysia, and my mum always had to tidy up. Now it’s my turn.