The revival of my camera

Here is what I didn’t tell my family. I actually spoilt my new camera again when I was in Belgium!! As I was taking my own sweet time to find the suitable camera case, I always simply put the camera in my bag. So, something in the bag poked and bent the lens cover. The camera was still fine, but not the lens cover. I was still able to take photos with it, but not with the perfect shots. They always appeared something like this…
these photos were taken in Munich
Since the camera is still under warranty, I waited to fix it when I was back in UK. Thinking that it might take 6-8 weeks to get it delivered back to me, I didn’t send it to the repair service centre when I was temporary staying at my previous flat.
Now that I have settled down, I sent the camera by post to the repair service last Friday, and I got it back today. It was amazingly quick, and I should have done it earlier. No worries. No extra charges except for the postage fee to the repair centre. 
It’s time to take really good care of the camera. Alex suggested Crumpler pouch but I am considering the one made by the camera manufacturer itself that fits the camera model.
Anyhow, more beautiful photos coming along…….

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