Coffee girl

It’s strange that though I was never a big fan of coffee, I am now learning to make good coffee. I am now a trainee barista in a coffee house that claims to make the best espresso in the UK.
induction day

So, ask me all about cappuccino, caffe latte (NOT just “latte”, which means milk), mocha and americano, and not only I can tell you the differences, I can even make them.
different types of milkshake

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to secure the Oxford Circus Topshop job after going through the entire interview process, covering phone, group, and individual phases. On the bright side, I can now

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save about £200 each month from the season train ticket as the coffee house is only 2-minute-walk distance away from my flat. Plus, I get free Panino (plural for Panini) and sandwiches every day (every day that I work, that is). You can’t beat that.

located at the back of my studio

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