The day to the Tate for Rothko

Having heard Rothko’s works but wandered what made him great with his coloured rectangles, the exhibition is finally here.
It was a day that we went to the Tate Modern Art Gallery to experience ‘Rothko’. [I will have a separate post on the artworks.] The visit was definitely worth for its price and am considering going back there again.

The weather was rather nice on that day; it was cloudy but warm.
the park outside St Paul’s Cathedral..
We went for a quick shopping tour at Oxford Street, then met up with the other Malaysian classmates for Japanese dinner and also to the bar. Somehow, it was an enjoyable night to gather since we all are staying rather far away from each other. Gosh, I am now lacking of friends around me!!
Lastly, here it goes… Santa taking the tube for the season..

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