Night Ghent

Last weekend, I travelled to the city where the roads are as familiar as the back of my hand – Ghent. I didn’t see a lot of changes, except for the relocation of certain tram stops in front of the train station. Not knowing Dutch, we took the right tram – but in the opposite direction – in the cold, wet and snowy night.

Tthe weather in Belgium was much colder than the weather here in UK. What I wore on the night we arrived was definitely not enough. I stupidly wore flats without leggings or tights because I had another pair of sneakers in Ghent that i intended to change to. When we cycled to the ”frietkot’ (establishments that sells mainly fries) for supper, I thought I would nearly have frostbitten toes, they were so painful. Quite apparently, I didn’t expect the drastic weather difference between Ghent and London. As we were cycling (on borrowed bikes) I realised I really missed cycling in the city, and the bike I used to rent.

Because of the early sunset, we could enjoy (in as much as one can enjoy in the freezing cold) the earlier night view. Here are some of the photos:

(Sadly, the photos are not as sharp as those taken with Alex’s dslr. They were taken with my compact camera, newly revived from its early demise.)

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