Short trip in Ghent

This could be the cheapest holiday I had since I came to UK. Since Alex and his parents’ trip to Belgium in September had to be cancelled because of the fire in the Channel tunnel, he transferred one of his parents’ tickets to my name. So, I got a free ticket to Belgium.
We also had free accommodation at Johannes house, where Alex used to rent a room. Johannes borrowed us his bed to use for the weekend while he slept at his girlfriend’s flat which was at the other end of the same street.
Me at the lounge, waiting for Eurostar train
It was unusual that we reached the station one and half hour earlier than the departure time. We always arrived at the last few minutes before the gates closed every time we travelled.
While we were waiting at the lounge, I went to the bookstore to get a bottle of water.
Which one would you get if you were me..?
Align Centre
£ 1.50 for a bottle of mineral water


£ 1 for newspaper and a bottle of mineral water?
Our plan for the second day was to get out of the bed early morning, pack our stuffs, then walk around the city center. In the end, we only left the house at almost 3pm. And went back at 6pm because it was too cold.
alex tee and johannes t’hooft
We went to look for tasty Belgian chocolates..
Then, Alex just couldn’t wait to get his Belgian beers.

too many choices. he had to decide which to take.

Spot me.. I’m in the photo..

We had home-cooked dinner with Johannes and Lies instead of Turkish pizza.
everyone was busy preparing
me trying to cook

i cooked rice using a pot instead of rice cooker.
[i’m now good at cooking rice with a standard pot instead of a rice cooker. i remember i didn’t really know how to cook rice even with a rice cooker before i left malaysia.]
The Malaysian and Belgian Chinese cuisine…

While waiting for dinner to start, there was entertainment from Lies with her new toy..

was trying to do some cool stunts
We didn’t miss the bar..
nice atmosphere
with johannes and lore and all the empty beer glasses
(alex and johannese were having a good night)
Now, guess who is this..
the mummy alex
On our journey back, it was snowing..

It wasn’t snowing from Calais onwards, but at least there was a sunset…

Finally, we arrived at St Pancras train station (not King’s Cross – Alex always had to correct me)

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