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Everyone has a New Year post. It often reflects our actions in the past year or tells of our hopes for the following year. My New Year post is about not having one, because every day is a new beginning for

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me (also because I was lazy and not in the mood to write one after days of shopping).

However, I wrote one last year, it was a meaningful one and I think I still feel the same.
Each day is new and refreshing; consequently I have resolutions every day. Call me fickle-minded or not having the perseverance to stay with the same resolutions for the whole year, but the fact is things and situations change each day, and I discover new and adventurous things every day. To put it another way, I amend and improve my resolutions day by day based on the single fixed principle of my life – to explore, to learn, to see, to experience and most importantly TO ADOPT.

People, like things, come and go. We might lose someone dear to us or miss certain memories we wish to get back. But I would choose to look at the future, at the multitude of possibilities and opportunity to create better and better things. I hope and I believe it will. To reflect and introspect often, because everything I’ve done, everything I’ve loved, every mistake I’ve made, and every obstacle I’ve overcome makes who am I today.

Click for the full post. It seems like I just wrote it yesterday.
My last year’s resolution was to read more and blog more, this year’s is to write more.
Anyway, Happy New Year!!!

Christmas eve 0.01

Good morning everyone!!

Last night party was fun. My secret santa and birthday presents were wonderful. I was happy that Tristyn called and we talked for more than an hour. I sincerely thank everyone for the birthday and christmas wishes. 
Today’s weather seems perfect. Streets are really quiet on Christmas. All shops and restaurants are closed. There are no trains, tubes and buses operating. And I am stoning for staying awake for the whole night. 
While my friends are all sleeping soundly now, even on the couch or floor, here I am, posting a few photos from last night.

alex ”dancing” happily with the big turkey

outfit of the evening
it was the tartan skirt from wai sun last year.
tartan is really hot this season.

everyone in the photo except peifun who was holding the camera

So what now? I shall continue browsing online catalogue shopping websites and get prepared for tomorrow’s Boxing day and the massive sale for the following month. The reduced prices featured on these websites are soooo tempting!!

Merry Xmas everyone and Happy Birthday to me!!

Hi everyone!!
I know I don’t have a chat box in my blog. Tomorrow is the day I’ll be a year wiser. So if you guys wanted to send me birthday wishes, please do it under this post comment. 😛 I know I have many lovely and caring family members and friends and blogger friends 🙂
It was a busy day at work today, even after lunch time. I don’t understand why. People should just go home and get prepared for their christmas eve dinner instead of bringing their kids for coffee. 
Alex got a free huge turkey from his company. While he was kinda struggling to get the best and easiet recipe last few nights, lets hope that tonight’s dinner will be a nice one. He will be also preparing the cocktails.
Also, there will be no train and bus services on the 25th and 26th December, so we will have to stay at Chee How’s place for few nights. However, I’ll be bringing my laptop over there.
So, Buon Natale!!!! Enjoy your great night with your lovely ones.
p.s. Tris and Boris, enjoy your Berlin trip!!

Gingerbread man

Tristyn, here is something to cheer you up…
Look at this “cacat” gingerbread man. I got it from the cafe..

i purposely took this photo for you. 
it was actually from my last month’s photo album.
Anyway, even if it was not ”cacat”, the gingerbread man Nicholas version that we made in the beginning of this year was much nicer and cuter compared to this.
p.s. I still have the video of your how-to-cook-pasta tutorial in my folder. Alex was your helper. Luckily, it didn’t turn out to be a disaster.

Winter solstice

It was ”dong zhi” again. The celebration was actually not a big thing in my family, but here, we gathered for it. Friends are like family in overseas.
So, here is how we celebrated the shortest day of the year and also the first day of winter.
I finished work quite late in that evening, so I didn’t join them to Chinatown to get the ingredients. We steamed the premade dimsum for dinner. Luckily, we didn’t fry any rice or noodles because only ”siu mai” and ”wo tip” were more than enough to make everyone feel so full.
There were only four of us..
We didn’t try to make our own ”tong yun” like last year, only bought a few packets of  the premade ”tong yun” and boiled them.
think they were China premade tong yun – too soft and not round
 p.s. i don’t like winter.

Piaf concert

The weekend for Piaf concert had finally arrived. It was about an hour before we left

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the house only we remembered to check the dress code for the theatre.

my outfit of the day
We went for some quick shopping before the concert. I knew there would be lots of good bargain on Boxing day and the following month. Yet, I didn’t expect for the sale preview to start so soon and things were discounted up to 60%. Alex got himself a piece of cardigan from Banana Republic and I got myself only a necklace from Dorothy Perkins at 75% off the price.
this was carnaby street, a pedestrianised shopping street
and a cute hanging snowman on the street. there were a few.

stylish fabric canopy in Kingly Court.
with lots of cool young designer boutique,cafes and bars
We reached the theatre 45 minutes earlier than the performance time. We have really adopted the punctuality habit.
this was vaudeville theatre entrance
We seemed to be the youngest among all in the theatre. Most people were in their 40’s and 50’s, and they dressed smart casual. There was no dress code for the theatre, but at least I didn’t wear jeans.
The show was incredibly amazing. Elena Roger who played Piaf, was excellent in mimicking and portraying her life at different age. The scene of her replication of swaying body is still fresh in my mind. Although Roger definitely did not sing as wonderful as Piaf or like the lady singer I saw in Ghent (she would be really great if she did, but probably because she was not a singer), she at least capture, nearly perfect, the attentive look of Piaf.

UK christmas

‘’So where are you going for Christmas countdown?’’ my friend asked.
No, there isn’t any Christmas countdown party here. Most shops, restaurants and pubs close early on the eve and are not open on Christmas day. In fact, all trains and buses don’t even operate, causing problems in going back home after our Christmas eve dinner at Chee How’s place.
Anyway, looking back at last year’s Christmas / birthday in Glasgow, I remember the silence on the streets when we were heading towards the only open restaurant in the city centre. Aside from a few pedestrians, there were only the few of us on the streets.
Now, I guess I know the inspiration behind the song ‘’Silent Night’’ – loneliness and quiet for those who have nowhere to go on Christmas Eve.
After all, Christmas over here is not as ‘happening’ as those in Asian countries. 
Buon Natale!!
london icons – double decker buses and taxis
oxford street christmas lights

How old am I?

“How old are you?” asked my manager today.
I was silent for a few seconds. It took me a while to answer because I couldn’t remember my age. I thought I was a year older than my real age.
p.s. for those who left me birthday wishes in one of the previous post comment, my birthday is actually on christmas day. the pre celebration was really too early.